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Backwoods Buttered Rum Pipe Tobacco

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Brand: Backwoods

Blended By: Sutliff

Model: Backwoods Buttered Rum

Tobacco Type: Burley, Virginia

Cut: Ribbon

Blend Type: Aromatic

Strength: 1 of 5

Taste: Mild

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: Rum

Amount: 1.5 oz.

Country: USA

Room Note:

13 Reviews

  • 4
    Buttered rum

    Posted by Javski on 15th Sep 2023

    First time that I smoke a pipe tobacco that tastes exactly as described. Great buttered rum flavor. The tobacco does not smell of it when u first open the pouch....but once the fire gets is amazing. Smoke slow as it gets hot fast. Great tobacco for great price.

  • 2
    Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, but this is not up to par with any other tobacco I’ve bought from this website

    Posted by Tobias Thompson on 19th Apr 2023

    I came to pipe smoking directly after smoking nearly exclusively backwoods and occasionally a real cigar. Backwoods are what they are, and if you enjoy them, you’d think you’d enjoy this. Perhaps I’ve just been spoiled by the compare and share, the cobblestone maple walnut pie and the black raspberry (forget who that was from). But still. The flavor is fairly mild, not indescribable by any stretch but not all that impressive, and the tobacco behind that is nothing to write home about. I think I prefer a backwoods to this backwoods pipe tobacco. But I much prefer a real pipe tobacco, aromatic or not, to either. In conclusion, this doesn’t hold up to even a backwoods cigarillo, much less other pipe tobaccos. It’s got a good price, but that’s not really a great selling point when it’s going to sit in my drawer unsmoked, indefinitely. Not saving any money if it’s not gonna get smoked. If they were heavier on the flavoring, it’d be 3 or maaaybe 4 stars. As it is? Easy two. I was considering giving it a one, but if you’re buying backwoods brand pipe tobacco, you’re not expecting a three Michelin star type of thing, you’re expecting something that tastes nice at an affordable price point. Nothing wrong with that. But it should measure up to the backwoods cigarillos, and in my opinion, it doesn’t. I think the wrapper is what gives the cigarillos the edge on this. So overall, not worth the 4 dollars when that 4 dollars could buy a third of a tin of cobblestone maple walnut pie, if what you want is an aromatic.

  • 4
    quality / flavor

    Posted by Antonio cossio Reyes on 19th Mar 2023

    good enough

  • 5
    smoke it

    Posted by smiley on 22nd Jan 2023


  • 4
    As expected for Backwoods

    Posted by Ramsey on 30th Dec 2022

    I do enjoy myself a Backwoods cigar every once in awhile so when I saw they also made pipe tobacco I had to give them a shot. It was surprisingly exactly what I expected from Backwoods, a pleasant room note and the taste started off just as the cigars do very noticeable and pleasant, unfortunately just like the cigars about 3/4 way through the pipe the flavor just seemed to disappear. Even after the flavor was gone the tobacco itself wasn't horrible but definitely nothing special. I'd definitely smoke it again but keep your expectations as if you were smoking a Backwoods cigar

  • 5
    Pipe tobacco

    Posted by Mark on 6th Nov 2022

    Never tried backwoods tobacco it is very good tobacco the buttered rum is smooth and has a good aroma.

  • 5
    Pipe tobacco

    Posted by Larry Ross on 20th Oct 2022

    This is really good I will be ordering soon also great value for the quality.

  • 5
    pipe tobacco

    Posted by mike graham on 18th Mar 2022

    I usually purchase 10 bags.

  • 5
    Backwoods Buttered Rum

    Posted by David Miner on 18th May 2021

    My first Backwoods tobacco, almost 30 years ago. And I keep coming back to it regularly over all these years.