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A Year in Progress—Tracking Pipe, Tobacco, and Cigar Releases in 2024

A Year in Progress—Tracking Pipe, Tobacco, and Cigar Releases in 2024

Posted by Greg Rosenberg on 27th Feb 2024

This blog will be updated throughout the year, tracking the progress of new products that appear or are rereleased in new editions.

Check out our great selection of pipes, tobaccos, and premium cigars for all new and familiar favorites.


Cornell & Diehl - Palmetto Balkan

Type English
Tobacco Latakia, Oriental, Virginia
Cut Ribbon
A tribute to the Oriental-forward blends of yesteryear, Cornell & Diehl's latest Small Batch release, Palmetto Balkan, delivers a uniquely Carolina-inspired interpretation of the celebrated Balkan mixtures that have captivated pipe smokers over the years.

Seattle Pipe Club Rum Vanilla

Type Aromatic
Tobacco Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Vanilla, Rum
Cut Ribbon
This exclusive blend features loose cut rare Brazilian and domestic Virginias, luxury Burley and sweet black Cavendish meticulously slow aged for a full 30 days in oak rum barrels.

Seattle Pipe Club - Plum Pudding Cigars

Wrapped in Habano perfection, and bound with flavorful Habano Jalapa, then exquisite Jalapa is blended with just the right amount of the ever-popular and beloved Plum Pudding Pipe Tobacco to make the Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Special Reserve Cigar a smoke to remember and relish.


Peterson Tavern

Peterson Tavern pipes are the latest series from the Irish marque. A variety of classic Peterson shapes in a craggy rustication accompany a sleek black demi-Churchwarden Fishtail vulcanite stem with a nickel accent.

Savinelli Marco Polo

Savinelli is introducing Marco Polo Limited-Edition pipes to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo’s death. Limited to only 700 pipes worldwide, this series features Savinelli’s iconic 111 KS shape in a rusticated finish with a slick black acrylic stem and a bright red accent.


Cornell & Diehl - Sansepolcro

Type Virginia-based
Tobacco Black Cavendish, Kentucky, Virginia
Cut Flake
Sansepolcro is a singular Virginia blend inspired by old-world tradition, combining exotic double-fermented KY171 Italian Dark-Fired Kentucky with superlative grades of Red and Bright Virginia and just the right balancing measure of Dominican Black Cavendish. The result is a complex smoke with notes of mellow citrus and undertones of soft, earthy, clove-like spice.

Sutliff Pipe Force I - MAJ O'Meara

Sutliff Signature Series Pipe Force Major O'Meara Episode I pipe tobacco

Type English
Tobacco Latakia, Oriental, Stoved Rustica, Virginia
Cut Plug
The Latakia-forward English mixture offers plenty of smoky flavor from the fire-cured leaf, which is artfully harmonized with floral, earthy Stoved Rustica. A mixture of high-grade Virginias imparts a natural sweetness. Katerini, the sole Oriental component, offers herb and spice notes bringing complexity and nuance to the flavor profile.


Sutliff Blackthorn Shillelagh

Type Aromatic
Tobacco Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Irish Whiskey
Cut Ribbon
The world’s finest Virginias, Burleys, and Black Cavendish are artfully blended with just the right amount of Irish Whiskey to transform any Irishman into their best self! Normally, we would encourage you to sit back, light your pipe, and relax. In this case, stand up, light your pipe, and go find some mischief. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Two Friends Homeward Bound

Two Friends Homeward Bound pipe tobacco

Type Aromatic
Tobacco Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Liquor, Vanilla
Cut Ribbon
Two Friends' Homeward Bound is a bespoke Aromatic blend that combines Black Cavendish, heirloom Burleys, naturally sweet Brights, and tangy Red Virginias for a delightfully complex smoking experience. Offering notes of dark stone fruits, candied tree nuts, and subtle hints of liquor, Homeward Bound's nostalgic, old-school tobacco flavor is sure to make it a favorite among enthusiasts of sophisticated aromatic blends


Maestro Series by Toscano and Cornell & Diehl

Toscano has developed a line of tobaccos in collaboration with Cornell & Diehl that captures the essence of the Toscano experience, optimized for enjoyment in the pipe — Explore Maestro pipe tobacco on-site and check out our one-pagers for more information about each blend.


Cornell & Diehl Toscano Maestro Allegro Pipe Tobacco

Integrating the richness of America's finest Dark Fire Kentucky Tobacco with the sweetness of Red Virginia and a woodsy whisper of Latakia, Allegro offers an aromatic intensity perfectly balancing roasted and spicy notes alongside delicious aromas of vanilla, caramel, and maple. 


Cornell & Diehl Toscano Maestro Concerto Pipe Tobacco

A selected blend of Perique, Latakia, and Dark Fired tobaccos from Kentucky and Tennessee, Concerto is firm in character and bold in flavour, highlighting the characteristic woody and peppery notes of Dark Fired  tobaccos with a full-bodied profile that delivers strong, enticing flavors and nuanced aromatic complexity. 


Cornell & Diehl Toscano Maestro Sinfonia Pipe Tobacco

Harmonizing the unique qualities of Dark Fired tobaccos with the sweetness of Red Virginias and the smoky foundational tones of Latakia, Sinfonia divulges a complex intensity characterized by roasted notes and balanced by subtle, spicy nuance. 

Savinelli 2024 Series

Collection 2024

Savinelli Collection 2024

Since 1985, Savinelli has released a new annual Collection pipe, ushering in a unique, series-specific shape highlighting the brand's reputation for craftsmanship with stunning grain. The year 2024 features a compact Poker style that combines elements of their legendary 310 Ks and 311 KS models. This year's Collection is available in four captivating finishes. 


Savinelli Vigna tobacco pipes

Vigna means vineyard in Italian and is inspired by the many legendary wineries of Tuscany and beyond. This new series presents iconic Savinelli shapes in two distinct finishes: A deeply textured rusticated look and s simple smooth. Each Vigna pipe showcases a swirled acrylic stem of Bordeaux and cream with subtle hits of blue accented with a thin brass band. 


Savinelli Minerva tobacco pipes

Inspired by the Roman goddess of artisans and wisdom, Minerva is an elegant series that features six iconic Savinelli styles in both a striated rustication, and a grain-popping smooth. It features a dark brown acrylic stem with an aluminum band at the shank end.


Savinelli balanzone tobacco piipes

A continuation of the Commedia dell'arte series, Balanzone pairs the Iconic 320 KS shape with an eye-popping smooth brown finish and a black rustication paired with a white-and-black acrylic stem with a scalloped pattern reminiscent of the famous character Dottor Balanzone. 


Savinelli Fragola tobacco piipes

Fragola continues Savinelli's "Naturals" series with shapes that feature a natural finish with a hand-carved, dimpled texture similar to that of its namesake fruit, the strawberry. Each pipe is fitted with a bright red acrylic stem with a green acrylic band accent. 

Peterson St Patrick's Day 2024

Peterson St Patrick's Day 2024

Peterson St. Patrick’s Day 2024 pipes return with a variety of classic System pipes accented with a dark emerald green acrylic army mount available in five distinct finishes: Smooth, Ebony, Heritage, Sandblasted, and Rusticated. Moreover, the Smooth, Ebony, and Sandblasted editions are serialized out of 1,600 and include custom pipe sleeves crafted from genuine Donegal tweed.

Samuel Gawith Burnt Ends Full Virginia Flake

Samuel Gawith Burnt Ends Full Virginia Flake

Type Straight Virginia
Tobacco Virginia
Cut Plug
Burnt Ends Full Virginia Flake by Samuel Gawith is made from the literal burnt ends of their famous full-bodied Full Virginia Flake. During the hot press of the flake, the ends of the tobacco become slightly charred, caramelizing the natural sugars and marrying the flavors in a profoundly extraordinary format. Burnt Ends captures the deeper notes of Full Virginia Flake, contributing well-aged characteristics without years of cellaring.