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Cigar Shapes and Sizes: The Ultimate Guide

Cigar Shapes and Sizes: The Ultimate Guide

Posted by Jack Rather on 2nd Feb 2021

There are many different cigar shapes and sizes out there, keep reading below and become a more informed cigar enthusiast.

Do Size and Shape Matter?

The strength and flavor of a cigar comes down to the type of tobacco used. For instance, you might have a thick, fat stogie, but if mild tobacco is used then it will be a mild smoke. However, shape can affect some qualities of the smoking experience. For instance, thicker barrels will generally have more filler tobacco. Since different leaf is used, this can make a difference in the taste. This is why we see cigars rolled in many different shapes—to satisfy a vast diversity of preferences. 

The size and shape also matter because they affect how long a cigar burns. Naturally, a thick long cigar will burn for an hour or more and a thin, small cigar will burn hotter and faster. You can pick an array of cigars that suit a particular time and place. A small, thin cigar would be better for a quick smoke break, whereas a long, thick cigar would be selected for an afternoon of relaxing and unhurried smoking. 

Before we get into shapes, it's important to be informed about the different sizes of each kind of cigar. Cigars are measured in two ways, by length and ring-size. Ring-size refers to the diameter of the cigar measured in increments of 1/64th of an inch. 

The list below will help you decide which size of cigar would be perfect for each occasion.

One thing to keep in mind—the vitolas (which are the labels corresponding to length and gauge) aren't standard through the industry. This means the dimensions associated with the vitolas below are a rough, general consensus. You may see brands using slightly different dimensions or even use their own names for their vitolas.


Rothschild - Punch Clasico Cello

The shortest cigar on our list is the Rothschild. It measures four and a half inches long and has a ring gauge of 48.


Robusto - Ashton Symmetry

Similar in length to the Rothschild, the Robusto measures at a length of four and 7/8 of an inch. The Robusto has a slightly bigger ring gauge of 50.

Small Panatela

Small Panatela - Drew Estate Java Mint X-Press

The small Panatela is slightly longer than the Robusto measuring in at five inches. However, it is a thin cigar with a ring gauge of 33.

Petit Corona

Petit Corona - Acid by Drew Estate Blondie Maduro

Not by any chance the thickest of cigars!

The Petit Corona, as the name would suggest, is the smallest Corona with a length of five and 1/8 of an inch and a ring gauge of 42.


Corona - ADVentura Queen's Pearl

The Corona is longer than the Petit Corona. It measures five and a half inches long with the same size ring gauge of 42.

Corona Gorda

Corona Gorda - La Gloria Cubana

As the name says the Corona Gorda is a medium-length cigar of five and 5/8 inches! It has a wider diameter ring gauge of 46 compared to the standard Corona.


Panatela - Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe

Compared to the Small Panatela, the original Panatela has a longer length of six inches. You'll find that it is wider too, with a ring gauge of 38.

Corona Grande

Corona Grande - Cohiba Lonsdale

This is a fairly big cigar! The Corona Grande measures six and 1/8 inches and has a ring gauge of 42. Hence the name grande!

Lonsdale AKA Cervantes

Lonsdale - Arango Sportsman 200 It's a Boy

A Lonsdale is generally thicker than a Panatela. It's also longer than a Corona, measuring at six and a half inches and a ring gauge of 42.


Churchill - Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente King

A large cigar in the Corona format, the Churchill measures in at seven inches with a ring gauge of 50. Nothing quite completes the image of Churchill than one with a cigar in hand.


Lancero - Bellas Artes by AJ Fernandez Maduro

A long, thin cigar, the Lancero has a ring gauge of 38 but an impressive length of seven and a half inches.

Lancero means you go for length as opposed to thickness.

Double Corona

Double Corona - Ashton Heritage Puro Sol

Not quite double the size of a standard Corona, regardless of its name. The Double Corona measures seven and 5/8 inches long and has a ring gauge of 49.


Presidente - Hoyo de Monterrey Maduro no. 1

The Presidente is one of the largest cigars available on the market! This bad boy has a length of about nine inches and a ring gauge of 50.

Different Cigar Shapes

There are two different shapes of cigars, Parejos and Figurados


Parejos have straight sides with a cylindrical shape and need to be cut before smoking them. The cigar sizes that have the Parejos shape are:

  • Lonsdale
  • Double Corona
  • Panatela
  • Corona Gorda
  • Robusto
  • Churchill
  • Petit Corona
  • Corona


A Figurado is any cigar that doesn't have a straight-sided cylindrical shape. Although most cigars are Parejos, more and more cigarmakers are enhancing their portfolios with different Figurados. The basic Figurado shapes are:


Torpedo - CAO Colombia Magdalena


Belicoso - Acid by Drew Estate


Perfecto - Casa Turrent 1880 Maduro


Pyramid - Ashton Cabinet Selection

Cigars Aren't That Complicated

Like most things, all the cigar shapes and sizes can be quite confusing at the start but by reading and educating yourself, you will become an expert on the matter in no time whatsoever.

Again, this is a convenient classification system, but not an industry standard. My suggestion, if you find a cigar with a size that you really like, make sure to look up the length and ring gauge. That way you can search for others, even with brands that might use their own vitola names.

Are you still unsure which cigar will suit you for each occasion or need to find out any more information? Contact our team today and let us take care of your every cigar need.