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Falcon Pipes #1  Guide [Infograph] - Create a 7-day set

Falcon Pipes #1 Guide [Infograph] - Create a 7-day set

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 12th Nov 2014

Falcon PipesAn American engineer named  Kenley Bugg createdFalcon pipes in 1936. He wanted to create an exceptionally 

versatile and cool smoking experience. With millions of Falcon fans all around the world spanning over 75 years of production, we’d say he succeeded!

Falcon tobacco pipes moved Falcon Moves and production continues in Great Britain today ( Read more about Falcon history).

Interchangeable Pieces

The interchangeable pipe bowls and stems indicative of Falcon are fairly new to us here and so we’ve spent a fair bit of time researching and talking to fans over the last several months. What we’ve found is that it’s pretty difficult to get a sense of the variations between bowls and stems unless you’re one of the lucky few who can walk into a tobacco shop that stocks them. We can set all the Falcon bowls out in a line and choose our favorites. To help the rest of you who don’t have that luxury, we’ve created the infographic below so you can see all the pieces at once and get a better idea of which one might work best for you.

Falcon Pipe Bowls

The first step in choosing your set is to pick out which bowls you like best. To help with that, here’s a brief overview of the available shapes:


The Algiers shape bowls are one of the most popular choices for Falcon fans. This shape is available in Hunter Smooth, and chocolate brown smooth or rusticated. 


The classic Apple shape in a Falcon bowl is a good choice for fans of this traditional shape. Available in both the hunter and dark brown finish.


By far the best selling Falcon shape, the Billiard is the one we usually recommend as a first choice for smokers new to Falcon. It is available with a smooth finish in either hunter or chocolate brown. However, we’re particularly partial to the rusticated brown bowl.


Falcon’s unique take on a bulldog bowl can be chosen in hunter smooth or the brown smoother or rustic. We are told that the rusticated bowl helps create an even cooler smoke.


A good choice for those who use their tobacco pipe daily, the Falcon Dover shape is a tapered and a bit larger than the average Falcon. Available in the same colors and finishes as all the previously listed shapes.


The Falcon Dublin are only loosely based on the traditional Dublin shape. This is the workhorse of the Falcon line, a completely straight pot bowl.


The Genoa shape is a sophisticated choice, with rounded curves at the rim. Available in hunter or chocolate smooth and with a rustic finish in the chocolate too.


A whimsical riveted bowl, the Plymouth shape for your Falcon pipe The most unique of the Falcon shapes, it’s available in the same finishes as above.


The hyperbole is the largest of the Falcon pipe bowls and is beautifully tapered from base to wide rim. One of three choices available with Meerschaum lining, this is a favorite among fans of plugs and anything with a healthy dose of Perique.


The Istanbul is considered a king-size bowl, but it remember this is by Falcon standards. Gorgeous with Meerschaum lining or without.


The Snifter shape is a unique and gorgeous choice, the last of the Falcon shapes currently available with Meerschaum lining.

Falcon Pipe Stems

Classic versus Extra

The Classic stems are the traditional aluminum stems with a chrome finish. The Extra Stems have a copper coating that is somewhat harder and adds an extra level of durability to the stem. Whichever one you choose, all Falcon stems come with the unique reservoir system that traps moisture and cools your smoking experience.

Classic Stems

Extra Stems

Dental versus Standard

Standard mouthpieces will hold just like a traditional briar pipe in the mouth. The dental mouthpiece is ridged and has a larger lip, designed specifically for teeth-clinchers to keep them from damaging the stem.

Do you smoke a Falcon pipe? What is your favorite bowl and stem? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.