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Father’s Day Gifts for Pipe Smokers

Father’s Day Gifts for Pipe Smokers

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 19th May 2014

If you grew up sitting at your father’s knee while he smoked his favorite tobacco pipe, a new pipe or accessory could be the perfect way to honor your shared memories this Father’s Day. In addition to childhood memories, a brand new crop of smoking enthusiasts has popped up in the last 10 years, as purchasing pipes and accessories has resurged in popularity. If you have shied away from purchasing smoking related gifts, we’re here to help. This year we’re making it easy, with a simple guide for every price range and collector level.

The best gifts for pipe smoking dads

Smoking gifts with serious wow factor ($300-500)…

For those with a little extra to spend on Dad, we have a few show-stopping items even the most distinguished father will enjoy.

  • Savinelli Day & Night Sets- The smoking enthusiast in your life know the importance of resting his pipe between smokes. If he’s particularly stylish, he might even have formal and informal pipes, as distinguished gentlemen did throughout most of history. The Savinelli Day and Night Sets are the perfect way to allow his favorite pipe to rest and give him a more formal experience as well. Each set features a “day” pipe, distinguished with a bright sunny stain; and a “night” pipe which is darker and more formal.

  • Sillems Linea Epoque Pearl Pipe Lighter- Even many long-time tobacco pipe smokers don’t have a proper lighter, often due to price. A high quality pipe lighter can transform a smoker’s experience, especially if he does much of his smoking outside. The show stopping lighters from Sillems are as beautiful as they are functional. The Linea lighters are as much heirloom art pieces as they are functional lighters.

Tobacco pipe gifts for under $200

No matter how much we love our dads, the equivalent of a car payment might not be in our budget for a Father’s Day gift. These affordable options offer all the style and function for the price of a nice dinner on Friday night.

Savinelli Pipe Pouches- These tobacco pipe pouches are made in a variety of shapes, styles and materials. Choose one for your dad and he’ll have a way to travel or store his favorite pipes with class.

Affordable gifts under $50

No matter what your budget, these pipe accessories will make dad smile this Father's Day.

  • Peterson Green Pipe Ashtray- Our most popular ashtray, at under $30, it’s an accessible and show-stopping gift to show dad you care.
  • Jobey 6 Tobacco Pipe Stand- Is your father’s pipe collection being displayed as art pieces? Are his pipes protected? A stand, like this one from Jobey, allow him to display his passion with pride and keep pipes from being accidently broken or knocked aside.

Whatever your budget, a tobacco pipe or accessory is the perfect way to show the smoking enthusiast in your life how much you care this Father’s Day!