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Gifts for Pipe Smokers, #1: Savinelli

Gifts for Pipe Smokers, #1: Savinelli

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 7th Oct 2014

We know coming up with gift ideas can be a headache, especially when you’re shopping for a pipe guy and you’re not well versed on the language or the smoky subculture. But never fear! You’ll look like a gift-giving warrior, armed with a super-personalized holiday surprise by using one of our holiday gift guides.

We’re starting off with Italian-classic Savinelli, and over the next month, we’ll share our favorite picks from Savinelli, Vauen and Peterson pipes for Christmas 2014. Then, we’ll give you non-brand specific lists at every price range.

How to know he’s a Savinelli fan

Take a look at his pipe collection and you should be able to determine his favorite type fairly easily. Here are three easy things to check for and jot down:

  • Pipe Shape - Does your pipe fan prefer bent or straight pipes? Does it look like he has predominantly one size or shape? Write that down. If he has many different types, don’t worry. That just means he’s well-rounded.
  • Branding and/or Insignia - You’ll know he’s a Savinelli fan if you find the brand name printed on the bottom of the bowl and/or the insignia stamped on the stem or ring. If you find a few of these in his collection, you’ll know this is a great place to start.
  • Peak at his Instagram and/or Pinterest accounts. You’re likely to see interaction with pipe makers and companies he enjoys. On Pinterest, many pipe collectors even have boards of most wanted pipes.

And hey, if surprises aren’t his thing, feel free to ask what brand he prefers. It may be less stealthy, but it sure is a lot easier!

Gifts for a newer pipe guy

If you’re gift is a starter, for someone interested in the hobby or just starting out, we recommend starting with a kit and a smooth tobacco. This special set, just for the 2014 Holiday Season, is just that.

Savinelli starter set - $100

Our most popular Savinelli One set, the 601 Smooth, paired with a mild tobacco that is a cross between an Aromatic and an English, perfect for a beginner. The set comes with a zipper pouch, 3-in-1 tool, filter refills, pipe cleaners and of course a smoking pipe--everything he needs to get except the tobacco and so we’ve added that too.

The Essenza Cipriota by Savinelli is a mix of four fine pipe tobaccos with a distinctly fruity sell and a hint of sweetness.

This set makes a particularly good starter because of the unique Balsa Wood System in Savinelli pipes. The filter makes learning the proper cadence when smoking easier, because new smokers tend to smoke hot and wet. Once he’s practiced a bit, the filer can be removed for a non-filtered experience.

Gifts for female pipe fans

Do you have a female smoker in your life? This is the set I’d like to have for Christmas and I’m willing to bet it would go over well with your loved one too!

The Caramella Care Package - $250

The Savinelli Caramella Rustica 611 is a dramatic pipe is one sexy smoking pipe. It’s my puppy-in-the-window wish right now. With dramatic curves, wide striped stem and unique caramel-colored stain on the dapple bowl, it’s feminine without going over the top. A perfect base for a female-friendly set.

We’ve added a ruby-colored three pipe pouch, which fits a pipe, wallet, lipstick and the Brunello Flake pipe tobacco tin and perfectly (I know, I’ve tested it). Good as a case for your pipes and as a clutch in a pinch.

Savinelli gifts for collectors

Perhaps the most difficult type of pipe fan to buy for is the established collector. These guys usually have so many variations on their favorites shapes and pipe tobaccos that it can be difficult to find something new and/or different that they don’t have. Luckily, we have you covered with a new product, an uncommon pipe and a tobacco blended with the experienced smoker in mind.

Savinelli Magic Memories Set - $125

The Savinelli Tortuga, while not a new series, is a unique looking series. In addition, they all come with caps which we find many established smokers don’t know they want until they’ve been spoiled with one. We’ve paired the Tortuga Smooth in the 207 shape with a magic cloth (new this year) and the Doblone d’Oro tobacco.

The Savinelli Magic Cloth is a useful new item, designed to help collectors keep their smoking pipes gleaming. Even the guy who has everything probably doesn’t have one of these yet!

A highly personalized gift

A gift like this is so much better than a tie!

By taking a few minutes to look through this guide and identify a gift from Italy’s most famous tobacco pipe maker, you’re showing extra thought and care in the selection of a highly personalized gift. Kudos to you!

Still unsure where to go with your gift purchase? Stay tuned for more tips next week or Contact Us for personalized help.