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New for April 2017!

New for April 2017!

Posted by Jack Rather on 26th Apr 2017

April has been a busy month for! We've added quite a few products along the way and wanted to list a few in case you missed them.


Peterson Derry Pipes

The Peterson Derry was named after the second largest city in Ireland. In April we added a few 

additional shapes to the collection. We added the 69 (Bent Billiard), 107 (Billiard), 408 (Bent 

Apple), B10(Calabash), and the 606 (Pot) pipes.

Peterson Derry Pipes

Peterson Derry Series

Morgan Pipes

In April we added lots of new Morgan Pipes. Check out all the new Blackjack and Bones Pipes 

we added!

Here is a quick view of a few Blackjack pipes added:

Morgan Blackjack Pipes

We also added a bunch of the Morgan Bones Pipes!

Morgan Bones Pipes

Dagner Pipes

We've added two new Dagner Pipes to the site. The Dagner Pipes P7 Devil Anse Sandblast 

Tobacco Pipe and the Dagner Pipes 2017 St. Patrick's Day Tobacco Pipe. Both are limited runs

and beautiful pipes! Don't forget to check out his hoodies and shirts too..

New Dagner Pipes

Falcon Pipes

We added three limited Falcon Meerschaum Bowls. Once these are gone, that's it! Hurry and 

get yours today as there aren't many left...

New Falcon Pipe Bowls

Vuillard Pipes

Vuillard released a ton of new lines and we decided to carry them! Some of the new series added 

are the Vuillard Montparnasse, Vuillard Hunter, Vuillard Bon Gout, Vuillard Tonic Marble, and 

the Vuillard Lido Churchwarden. These are awesome new pipes so go and check them out!

Vuillard Montparnasse has a clear Acrylic stem and come in both smooth and rustic!

Vuillard Montparnasse Smooth

Vuillard Montparnasse Rustic Pipes

Vuillard Hunter pipes come in three different shapes in a smooth finish.

Vuillard Hunter pipes

Vuillard Bon Gout Pipes are offered with a smooth finish in four different shapes.

Vuillard Bon Gout Pipes

Vuillard Tonic Marble pipe have a marble looking finish. These come in three shapes and are 

very affordable.

Vuillard Tonic Marble

Vuillard Lido Churchwarden pipes are offered in two shapes in a smooth and sandblast finish. 

They measure over 10 inches long!

Vuillard Lido Churchwarden pipes


We added a few tobaccos over the last month; but most noticeably is the Cult line. They added 

four new blends:

Cult Anonymous Pipe Tobacco Tin

Cult Militia Pipe Tobacco Tin

Cult Embassy Pipe Tobacco Tin

Cult Profile Pipe Tobacco Tin 

New Cult Pipe Tobacco Tins