Peterson Launches the Rosslare Classic Rusticated!

5th Apr 2019

Coming Soon!

Among Peterson’s most vibrant and high-contrast series, the Rosslare is an aggressive seller for our retailers. Customers are mesmerized by the line’s metal fitments and electric yellow mouthpieces. What’s more, this popular series was recently enhanced with the Rosslare Classic Rusticated, finished using the same traditional rustication used on the Aran Rusticated and Donegal Rocky lines. In this darker, restrained palette, the traditional Peterson rustication augments the nuance of three dimensional surface space, the rugged texture reflecting light to complement the semi-gloss finish. 

Though not quite as comprehensive as the Aran line, the Rosslare Classic Rusticated also includes a host of fan-favorite shapes like the 05, XL02, and 999 — all with bright yellow fishtail stems.