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Savinelli Marron Glace: Italian Treat

Savinelli Marron Glace: Italian Treat

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 27th May 2014

Most of us here at are familiar with Nat King Cole’s iconic phrase, Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Marron Glace CandyJust six words and we’re transported to a fireside Christmas much colder than the ones we celebrate here in tropical Florida. The glittering stems and warm chestnut bowls of the new Marron Glace Pipes are reminiscent of the crackling fires and warm treats of our memories, but that’s just our nostalgia flaring up again.

The real inspiration for this show-stopping series is a sweet treat with distinctly Italian heritage.

Marron Glace history

Marron Glace is a labor-intensive sweet originating in Northern Italy and Southern France. Large chestnuts, known as Maroni, are candied in a sugar, vanilla and water bath over the course of four to eight days. This process helps them achieve a golden color with a glass-like outer crust that glitters in the light. The sweet is primarily eaten at the holiday season in Italy. In France, it is used in many classic desserts including the famous confection--Mont Blanc.

For Northern Italians, memories of Marrones Glaces simmering on the stove would be similar to our memories of roasting chestnuts a la Nat King Cole.

The Savinelli Treat

Marron Glace Pipes

Savinelli’s Marron Glace pipes are the venerable Italian pipe maker’s nod to a classic sweet the creators no doubt grew up eating. A simple chestnut-colored stain on the bowl is perfectly reminiscent of the warm browns of the candy.

We keep being told the marbling on the stem is meant to resemble the sheen of the candy as the light hits it. However, we think it reminds us of the traditional golden wrappers each little bite would nestle in for storage.

Just as we noted last week with the Pianoforte Pipes, we think the rusticated variety most faithfully compliments the inspiration for the series. When picking out your pipe, know that the stems in this series vary based on the bowl stain.

Available in many shapes, both regular and KS, these dressed up tobacco pipes are sure to be a favorite of Savinelli fans for years to come.