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Savinelli Pianoforte Tobacco Pipes

Savinelli Pianoforte Tobacco Pipes

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 22nd May 2014

What better way to celebrate a classic piece of Italian history than with a Savinelli tobacco pipe?

In recognition of the prefered instrument of the most famous Italian composers, Savinelli debuted the Pianoforte Series this year.

Italy and it’s beloved piano

Savinelli Pianoforte

The Pianoforte, commonly shortened to piano, has been favored by classical, jazz and modern composers since the early 1700s. Bartolomeo Cristofori of Padua, Italy created the instrument as an evolution of the harpsichord for his employer, Ferdinando de’ Medici. It would take nearly twenty years for the pianoforte to take off, but when it did, it was at the hands of such masters as Joseph Haydn and Ludwig van Beethoven.

The word piano is an abbreviation of the Italian word pianoforte. This term is a flip-flopping of the term fortepiano, referring to the earliest version of the instrument, used by Mozart, early Beethoven works and even some compositions by Bach (who criticized the piano early on, but was later converted).

Pianoforte pipes pay homage

The jet black stem and ivory-colored band with black stripe are Savenilli’s most obvious nods to the keys of a piano (well, if you don’t count the big black musical notes on the box). The interpretation is obvious here.

The less obvious similarities, between the grand instrument and it’s new line of smoking pipes are a little less obvious. In Italian, the words piano and forte literally indicate “soft” and “strong” in turn. You can see this played out in the softer more delicate shape of the 703 versus the 320. Particularly the rustic finishes, give are reminiscent of the treble keys of a modern piano.

A formal tobacco pipe, with nostalgia

Regardless of whether or not you appreciate the melodies of a piano, Savinelli’s Pianoforte Pipes

are another set of classics-in-the-making for an already dominant Italian classic brand.

Is your P.A.D. flaring again yet?