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Briarville Stem Oxidation Remover

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Pipe Stem Oxidation Remover 

Soak stem for 2-24 hours as needed for oxidation removal. Stem may appear discolored or rough after soaking. Stem may need to be buffed or sanded after soaking. Apply stem oil if needed.

Brand: Briarville

Size: 8 oz. 





10 Reviews

  • 2
    Ok product

    Posted by Gary Hahn on 23rd Dec 2022

    Not as good as I had hoped. Could be my fault, went back to my old standby Flitz. I'll try again later just to make sure.

  • 2

    Posted by Brandon Smithley on 24th Sep 2022

    After watching a video by Briarville of how easily the oxidation just scrubbed off using a toothbrush under running water I was very excited to give this a shot and immediately purchased two bottles. What a waste of $46 that was. This product didn’t do anything more than using OxyClean. Reached out to the manufacturer to be sure I handn’t done something wrong and was told I just needed to buff with white diamond. I just ended up with a shiny oxidized looking stem. I tried with four different stems with light oxidation on them just to be sure it wasn’t a fluke. Really think the positive comments here were solicited.

  • 5
    Oxidation Stem Cleaner

    Posted by Lou on 16th Apr 2022

    I have tried just about all the stem cleaners on the market, which same usually work with enough effort. But this solution from Briarville requires the stem to be soaked, (by putting it in a container and covering it with the solution, I got these directions from the makers), waiting up to 24 hours, wipe it clean, buff it lightly and its really in good shape. I wax my stems with a good quality carnauba paste, and then I use Briarville's NO OX OIL to keep them looking good. (And as a disclaimer my only connection with Briarville is as a satisfied customer) Lou

  • 5
    Briarville Stem Oxidation Remover

    Posted by Ken Sigel on 29th Mar 2022

    Works extremely well. Water based and far less messy than others.

  • 5
    Much better.....

    Posted by Paige Simms on 28th Jan 2022

    .......then the 'pen guy'

  • 5
    Pipe stem oxidation remover

    Posted by Verified Customer on 16th Dec 2021

    Very impressed!!! This stuff works like magic at removing discoloration on my old estate pipe stems. Very highly recommended!

  • 5
    Works like nothing I’ve seen!

    Posted by Dan on 27th Nov 2020

    I’m not one to write many product reviews, but this one took me by surprise. So easy to soak away the crud. Restored an heirloom pipe to like new condition. Non-destructive cleaning - completely amazing product. If you’re looking for something to make your pipes like new - this should be in your tool kit!

  • 5

    Posted by Scot J on 29th Sep 2020

    I like this remover better than anything else I have tried. Is it more expensive? Yes. Does it make it easier on my old fingers to fix a stem? Yes. I guess that is the dilemma for me. Pay a bit more than I would like but save my health or go cheaper and possibly get arthritic fingers. I think I will keep buying this. Maybe you could sell it by the gallon at a better price point. Anyway, this mix works like a champ. Well done to the inventor.

  • 5
    oxidation remover

    Posted by Tom on 22nd Sep 2020

    If this stuff works as well as that say it is great at twice the price.