Capstan Original Navy Cut Pipe Tobacco - Flake

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Fold a few of these flakes together and enjoy a nice long smoke, reminiscent of one of history’s luminary figures. All you’ll need is to find a foggy path to wander. Now blended by Mac Baren, the Capstan Original Flake is a slightly spicy favorite of pipe smokers all over the world.

Brand: Capstan

Blended By: Mac Baren

Model: Gold Navy Cut

Tobacco Type: Virginia

Cut: Flake

Blend Type: Straight Virginia

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Tolerable

Flavoring: Mild

Amount: 1.75 oz.

Country: Denmark

14 Reviews

  • 5
    For me, a perfect straight Virginia

    Posted by Carlo DeBlasio on 20th Sep 2020

    I’m no expert, but I know what I know (and don’t know) and I know that for my money, Capstan Original Navy is a delicious and satisfying straight Virginia Flake. I recommend it and wish it was available in larger tins or in bulk.

  • 4
    Capstan Original Navy Cut Flake (blue)

    Posted by Bryannicely232 on 7th Aug 2020

    A well-formed flake of dark to light brown tobacco.
    The tin note is similar to Escudo Navy DeLux. Pipe used is a Kiko meerschaum lined Bulldog.
    Took 2 char lights but true light lasted till the last 3rd of the bowl.
    The smoke started out slightly sweet but robust. This is slow-burning tobacco even when rubbed out. As the bowl progressed the sweetness gradually receded leaving a medium-full smoke similar to aged burley. A final light near the end of the bowl finished off the tobacco. Slight moisture left behind. A mild to medium Nicotine hit. Recommend a few minutes drying before filling the pipe. Short-lived aftertaste.
    The second smoke was in a noname Zulu. 20 minutes airing. The increased flavor and decreased burn rate.
    This is wonderful tobacco with plenty of potential in the cellar.
    Docked one star for the personal desire of stronger Nicotine content. I cellared 10 tins and glad I did.

  • 5
    capstan flake

    Posted by mike o on 7th Aug 2020

    One of the finest flight tobacco's on the market today .

  • 5
    Capstan Blue flake

    Posted by John on 13th Mar 2020

    Fabulous when adding a small amount of Green River Black Cav. and Turkish Ribbon. Perfect blend.

  • 5
    Adding Green river black cavendish to Capstan

    Posted by John on 6th Mar 2020

    Fabulous Virginia, to step it up and make fabulous plus add a small amount of green river black cav. and a small amount of Turkish ribbon. Perfect blend.

  • 5
    Adding Green river black cavendish to Capstan

    Posted by John Aten on 19th Feb 2020

    Absolutely fabulous when adding small amount of green river black cavendish to it.

  • 5
    Good Blend

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jan 2020

    Not a ton else to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying this tin, it's a very smooth flavor.

  • 5
    My new favorite

    Posted by John on 22nd Sep 2019

    I tried this after a buddy of mine recommended that I try it. He was also the one who said that I should try MacBaren HH Burley Flake. Both tobaccos are very smooth. I like the Capstan Blue a little bit more than the HH Burley Flake but, both of them have earned spots in my rotation. The Capstan seems to be just a little bit sweeter to my palette and really like it. It’s so smooth that it’s hard to believe this is a medium-bodied smoke. It seems the smoothness makes it feel like it is a lighter smoke but, it has plenty of flavors. It has a full flavor without the heaviness of an English blend. I will definitely be buying this on a regular basis.

  • 5
    Smoother than I expected

    Posted by John Peacock on 17th Sep 2019

    So I ordered a tin of this at the beginning of August. This was my first time trying this particular blend. It came highly recommended by my buddy Rich, who like me, is also a presenter on YouTube. He is also the one who recommended that I try MacBaren HH Burley Flake. He told me “If you like the HH Burley Flake, you will love the Capstan Blue.” He was absolutely right! Capstan Blue has become my new favorite tobacco hands down. Upon opening the tin, I could smell the sweetness of the Virginia leaf. It was a very intoxicating aroma. I know this is a medium-bodied smoke but, its mellow smoothness makes it seem much milder. On the retro-hale, the flavor washes over your senses. Some people describe flavors such as “fresh cut hay or citrusy” I don’t know about all that. I find it sweet but not too sweet. To me, it just tastes like smooth and mellow tobacco with a silky mouthfeel and a little extra sweetness on the retro-hale. Bottom line: just try it for yourself! You will not be disappointed with your purchase. I bought 2 more tins of it at the beginning of this month and they already have 11 months of age on them. I am going to buy more next month. I just hope I can stay out of the 2 tins I have right now. This is GREAT TOBACCO!

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