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Chacom, the famous French pipe makers, offer you these tobacco blends to enjoy. 


As one of the most popular brands in the history of tobacco pipes, it was only fitting that they choose to make a tobacco that they called their own as well. Since 1825, members of the Chapuis and Comoy families have been expert pipe makers and pipe tobacconists, providing relief in the form of enjoyable smoking to all who use them. This included members of Napoleon's army, French, British, and American soldiers fighting during World War One, and private citizens throughout Europe and the United States following World War Two.


We offer many different options from this historic company and invite you to try any of the fifty gram tins we have for sale.


Starting off, we can supply you with #1, or Red. This is an all-day tobacco, a Broken Virginia mixed with Black Cavendish and a pinch of Oriental and Latakia.


Next comes #2, Purple. Mostly Virginias, this blend adds small amounts of Burley and Black Cavendish to fill out the mixture. You can pick up a sweet and fruity flavor with this tobacco, and it will fill the room with a pleasant scent.


Now comes #3, Green. This is a double fermented Black Cavendish mixed with both Golden and Red Virginias, topped off with a dash of Burley. They add a healthy amount of Bourbon Vanilla flavor, giving you a sweet and exciting smoke.


The last of the colors is Orange, #4. You will get some spice here, as they combined various Virginias with some Perique. With this tobacco, you will get a medium-strong smoke that will be memorable.


If the numbers aren't to your liking, how about the Grand Cru? This combines stoved red and bright Virginias, sweetened and unsweetened Black Cavendish, and a slight amount of Perique. To complete it, they added molasses and vanilla to make this an Aromatic-Virginia crossover that will be something you should enjoy.


Maybe Royale instead? Red and Bright Virginias, Burley, and Latakia work together to make an elegant blend that combines a tart and sweet taste that works well.


Finally, we have the Saint Claude. Named for the birthplace of briar tobacco pipes, this blend was created to pay tribute to the originators. Bright and Red Virginias mix with a slight amount of Black Cavendish to give you a smooth, all-day smoke.


Don't forget to pair up your favorite Chacom pipe tobacco with a new Chacom pipe!

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