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We’re very excited to announce a new offering here at that we hope you’ll take part in—Compare & Share. An opportunity to explore different blends, engage others in the hobby, and get a good deal all at once. Here's how it works—


At the beginning of each month, a listing will go up on for that month’s two Compare & Share Mystery Blends. For $7.99, you will receive 2 bags, each containing 1 ounce of each of these blends. Everyone will receive the same two tobaccos. They'll be packaged as bulk, but these could be any blend we offer, not limited to bulk mixtures. We won’t disclose what the Mystery Blends are until the end of the month, at which time we’ll post a reveal right before the next ones drop. 


Our hope is that while trying these tobaccos, all who are taking part can discuss their thoughts, analyses, impressions, and whatever else on our social media pages. Share your thoughts on out Compare & Share Instagram post or join our Facebook group!


We think this could be a fun way to bring together two tenets that—for many—are at the core of pipe smoking: exploration and community.




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  • Compare & Share June 2024 - Mystery Blends

    Compare & Share June 2024 - Mystery Blends

    We are always looking for new ways to engage with the communal side of pipe smoking, and that's just what Compare & Share is all about. For $7.99, you'll receive 2 bags, each containing 1 ounce each of this month's Mystery Blends. Everyone will...

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