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Diesel Cigars are heavy-hitters. Crafted with premium Nicaraguan fillers from Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa, Diesel offers exceptional construction and a rich and spicy flavor profile overseen by the legendary blender, A.J. Fernandez


For newcomers to the world of Cigars, remember that name. Abdel Josef Fernandez, of Cuban descent, now lives in Nicaragua, where he has turned the mountainside into 600 acres of tobacco farms that produce some of the best cigars you will ever see. Why the mountainous landscape? "I prefer mountainside land," says Fernandez. "The nutrients flow downhill."


A. J.'s passion for tobacco and cigars was cultivated at a young age. Both his father and his uncle worked for the Cuban government, growing tobacco. He learned from both of them, as well as another man by the name of Riccardo Ledezma. His knowledge, combined from learning under all three men, has allowed Fernandez to know precisely what makes good cigars tobacco and the steps he needs to take to ensure it grows appropriately.


Fernandez helps many companies produce tobaccos, all with glowing reviews of his talents. Diesel, especially, benefits from the knowledge and understanding that comes with Fernandez's produce. 

 Diesel Cigars

Diesel Cigars pack quite the punch. The most appropriate comparison might be to a muscle car. These cigars are sleek looking and pleasant to view. Just like the engine of a muscle car, they are incredibly powerful, with full profiles that will keep you satisfied for quite a while.


Make sure you take your time to savor and enjoy the Diesel Cigars that you pick up. It is worth it to take these bad boys on a relaxing cruise.

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  • Diesel Unlimited d6 Gordo Cigar Diesel Unlimited d6 Gordo Cigar Box Diesel Unlimited d6 Gordo Cigar Single

    Diesel Unlimited d6 Gordo Cigar

    Brand: Diesel Model: d6 Origin: Nicaragua Wrapper: Habano Size: 6 X 60 Shape: Gordo Strength: Full Flavoring: None Amount:   1 Stick  5 Sticks  20 (Box)  

    $9.75 - $175.50
  • Diesel Disciple Toro Cigar Diesel Disciple Toro Cigar Single Diesel Disciple Toro Cigar Box

    Diesel Disciple Toro Cigar

    Brand: Diesel Model: Disciple  Origin: Nicaragua Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Size: 6 1/4 X 52 Shape: Toro Strength: Full Flavoring: None Amount:   1 Stick  5 Sticks  10 (Box)  

    $7.99 - $79.99
2 of 2 Items