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With any of Miami Cigar & Co. brands, you can be sure you’re getting your desired cigar smoking experience. And the Don Lino brand has been central to the company from early days. It’s survival was not always assured, even spending two years off the market, but co-founder Nestor Miranda, who started the company with his wife Miranda in the late 80s, knew this cigar’s potential—if he could provide it, it would sell. 

 Don Lino Cigars

Don Lino cigars were first made in 1989 in the UST factory in Honduras. Miami Cigar Co. quickly launched off, doubling the business year by year, and this is in the era leading up to the Cigar Boom, mind you. The industry had been rather stagnant for a time. 


From ‘95 to ‘96 alone, the company went from selling 3.1 million cigars to 12 million. As Miranda said, “Don Lino was hot.” 


Despite their success, the future of Miami Cigar Co. was swiftly tossed into the air as the UST factory canceled their contract in ‘96, leaving Miranda without manufacturing. However, the company managed to hang on, and in early ‘99, Miranda’s close industry friend, Guillermo León, agreed to start manufacturing Don Lino. 


The next line of Don Lino Cigars would come in the mid-aughts. In 2006, Miranda took a trip to Africa and was beyond inspired by the beauty of the Serengeti Plains. “It was my dream,” he says. “And I think it’s every man’s dream to be in Africa.” When he returned from the trip, he spoke with his son, by now the Vice President of Sales, expressing interest in putting out a line inspired by his trip and appreciation for the continent. 


This is how the first Don Lino line in 6 years came about, Don Lino Africa. Along with fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua and an Ecuadorian wrap, the Don Lino Africa features something extra special, an African Cameroon binder to aptly pull it all together. With exquisite notes of pepper and chocolate, this cigar offers a phenomenal medium to full body smoke. 


In Miranda’s words, “There is a mystery and depth to Africa that captivates my spirit, always drawing me to come back. This blend captures the way going there makes me feel. It’s truly an amazing, even mesmerizing cigar.”


Check out our selection of rich Don Lino cigars and experience this flavorful treat for yourself. We also have many other budget premium cigars to fit your taste.


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  • Don Lino Africa Duma Robusto Cigar Don Lino Africa Duma Robusto Cigar Box Don Lino Africa Duma Robusto Cigar Single

    Don Lino Africa Duma Robusto Cigar

    Brand: Don Lino Model: Africa  Origin: Nicaragua Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Size: 5 X 50 Shape: Robusto Strength: Full Flavoring: None Amount:   1 Stick  5 Sticks  20 (Box)  

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