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Ask any tobacco pipe enthusiast, and they will likely have heard about Alfred Dunhill. Ever the futurist, Dunhill was an innovator from the beginning, with his "windshield pipe" in 1904 being a prime example.


In 1906, Dunhill opened up his first tobacco shop, followed in 1910 with his first pipe factory. The first of the finishes he created was the Bruyere pipes, which were the only style he made for seven years.


The Bruyere tobacco pipes have a dark finish, a deep red that is created by layering different stains on top of each other, a red on top of a brown. By doing this, you are left with a rich maroon color, one that maintains the classic look of a smoking pipe designed in the early 1900s.


Even now, over 100 years later, the Dunhill Bruyere tobacco pipes remain incredibly popular selections. We offer you three different shapes featuring the Bruyere finish. You can choose from a Billiard, a Bulldog, or an Apple finish. Whichever shape you select, you will be getting an excellent looking tobacco pipe, one with the history and quality deserving of being a centerpiece of any collection.


All Dunhill tobacco pipes are made to last, and that longevity will prove itself when you are able to hand them down the generations, becoming heirloom pieces that your family will treasure for years.

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