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In 1983, the Dunhill Chestnut hit the market. It uses the same coloring as its rougher cousin, the Cumberland, but has a smooth finish that shines. It was created to commemorate the Cumberland road warehouse when it was closed. Brown and smooth, the Dunhill Chestnut earns its name because of the color it shares with the titular nut. 


The Chestnut tobacco pipes are another sign of Dunhill's history and tradition. When Alfred Dunhill first opened his shop in 1906, it was originally for pipe tobacco only. Later, in 1910, the first of his pipe factories opened up. He wanted to establish a legacy of high quality tobacco pipes, something that was not the norm during that era. His higher prices were acceptable thanks to his tobacco pipes lasting far longer than his competition's production, meaning that one tobacco pipe would last you, and the cost would be a one time fee instead of having to spend more over time.


That longevity has maintained the Dunhill standard since then. Over one hundred years and the company still creates tobacco pipes that will last generations. The pipe you buy today, treated right, will be an heirloom piece that passes down to your children and their children after. It can be a legacy that you create, a showpiece of your collection that lets people know you recognized quality products when you see them. Dunhill pipes are the centerpiece of pipe rotations or can be taken out and used during special events. However you want to use a Dunhill is fine, since they are made to be enjoyed and to last.

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  • Dunhill Chestnut 4104 Tobacco Pipe Dunhill Chestnut 4104 Tobacco Pipe Right Side Dunhill Chestnut 4104 Tobacco Pipe Top Dunhill Chestnut 4104 Tobacco Pipe Bottom Dunhill Chestnut 4104 Tobacco Pipe Apart

    Dunhill Chestnut 4104 Tobacco Pipe

      Brand: Dunhill Model: Chestnut Style: 4104 Shape: Bulldog Length: 5.12 in. / 130.29 mm.  Height: 1.78 in. / 45.32 mm.  Weight: 1.3 oz. / 37 g.  Bowl Depth: 1.38 in. / 35.24 mm.  Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.50 in. / 38...

    MSRP: $936.00
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