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Sandblasted and beautiful, the Dunhill County tobacco pipes were first created in 1986. They feature a rich brown finish, with the sandblasting looking like ripples on the water, spreading out from the initial area the finish started.


The Ebonite stem also has a wooden look to it, rich brown with dark streaks resembling wooden grain. This stem helps make the pipe look like it is entirely wooden, a unique appearance for tobacco pipes.


The County finish is also one of the finishes of the 2021 Dunhill Zodiac pipe, celebrating the Year of the Ox. These tobacco pipes are limited runs, featuring a leather bag with the ox logo stamped on it. The pipe itself retains the County finish, but with sterling silver bands featuring the ox again stamped in. Only 198 Year of the Ox smoking pipes were made by Dunhill, so these are perfect for collectors as their rarity will be appreciated.


An interesting note about the Dunhill County series is that these pipes did not last long in their initial run. They were first discontinued in 1988, but the company decided to do a limited release of the finish in 2006. These proved to be highly popular and sold quickly enough that the Dunhill company was convinced to bring them back on a more permanent basis. So we have you all to thank for bringing back this marvelous looking tobacco pipe and for helping keep it alive.


All Dunhill tobacco pipes are designed to last generations. When treated right, these pieces can easily become heirlooms, something we can use to tell our stories to our grandchildren and those beyond them. Not only are they great for the future, but they will serve you well in the present. Use them as the centerpiece of your pipe rotation or for a special occasion that merits celebration.

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