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East India Trading Company Pipe Tobacco

Pop culture fans might recognize the East India Trading Company name from the popular "Pirates of the Caribbean" film series by Disney. History buffs might recognize the name as the company that traded in spices, tea, and other valuables between the years 1600 and 1847.


This East India Trading Company is not those. Instead, K. Hansotia & Co. revived the brand name in 2015 in order to pay homage to one of the largest and most successful companies in world history. From their success as traders to their massive company reach, the East India Trading Company was an example of how a business could reach such soaring heights.


We offer the three different blends of East India Trading Company pipe tobacco available, Royal Challenge, Officer's Club, and Cellar Reserve.


Royal Challenge is a mixture of red and golden Virginia tobaccos with a smooth Black Cavendish. They added a rum and spice flavoring to this tobacco to allow for a comfortable flavor that can be used all day. This tobacco is particularly good when you pair it with a cup of coffee in the morning.


Officer's Club blends Virginia, Burley, and Black Cavendish tobaccos together. This gets flavored with rum, spices, and vanilla to give you a great tasting smoke that is perfect for dessert.


Their Cellar Reserve blend is a combination of Virginia, Burley, Black Cavendish, and a slight amount of Perique. Also flavored with caramel, rum, and vanilla, you will get a slightly spicy flavor that provides a very pleasant room note. 

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3 of 3 Items