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Erinmore pipe tobacco has been recognized as one of the oldest and most influential brands of pipe tobacco in the world. You can trace the history of the brand back centuries to Murray and Sons.


The Murray and Sons Company was founded in 1810 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Murray and Sons created many popular brands of pipe tobacco, though Erinmore was the one that truly stood the test of time.


Murray and Sons became a limited company in 1884, the British equivalent in going public. This helped them expand, where they were able to open up their own tobacco factory in 1900. This factory would be able to make much more of the high quality tobacco the company had been known to produce for 90 years at that point than they previously could.


This expansion would eventually be Murray and Sons' downfall. In 1953, the company was acquired by Carreras Tobacco, leading to a number of mergers until the new company was known as Rothman's International in 1972. Later purchased by the British American Tobacco company in 1999, Murray and Sons continued to produce their Erinmore tobacco line until 2005 when they finally shut down and closed their factory.


The Erinmore brand was saved from being lost to history by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, who acquired the rights to the brand name and the recipes of the blends. Now Erinmore is produced for current pipe smokers to appreciate the history and quality that made tobacco pipes the most popular form of smoking in days long past.


We offer two different Erinmore tobaccos for you to enjoy.


The Flake blend offers a mixture of Virginias and Burleys pressed into the titular flake cut. With this tobacco, you will get fruity notes with a mellow and cool smoke.


Their Mixture blend is one of the Erinmore originals, a closely guarded recipe that is only made by the master blenders. There are some Virginia and Black Cavendish tobaccos, but nobody outside of the masters truly know the full recipe. What we do know is that this is a mellow aromatic that gives an easy smoke with flavors of fruit and citrus.

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  • Erinmore Flake Pipe Tobacco Tin Erinmore Flake Pipe Tobacco Tin Front

    Erinmore Flake Pipe Tobacco Tin

    Brand: Erinmore Model: Flake Tobacco Type: Burley, Virginia Cut: Flake Blend Type: Virginia Strength: 3 of 5 Taste: Medium Room Note: Pleasant Flavoring: Fruit, Citrus Amount: 1.75 oz. Country: USA

  • Erinmore Mixture Pipe Tobacco Tin Erinmore Mixture Pipe Tobacco Tin Front

    Erinmore Mixture Pipe Tobacco Tin

    Brand: Erinmore Model: Mixture Tobacco Type: Cavendish, Virginia Cut: Ribbon Blend Type: Aromatic Strength: 2 of 5 Taste: Medium Room Note: Pleasant Flavoring: Fruit, Pineapple Amount: 100 g. Country: USA

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