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Escudo Pipe Tobacco

In 1848, two brothers banded together to form their own tobacco company. Thomas and George Cope turned Cope Brothers into a very successful company, where they were able to have almost 2,000 employees and multiple tobacco brand lines by the 1880s. A very forward thinking and progressive company, Cope Brothers was known to treat their employees well, with working conditions that were far superior to their competitors at the time.


Despite the success of the 1800s, the Cope Brothers' most famous tobacco line, the one still around to this day, was actually not produced until 1912, long after both founders had passed away. That popular brand is the Escudo line you are looking at now.


Eventually, the Cope Brothers company was acquired by the Gallaher Group in 1952, where the Escudo brand was continued until they ceased production in 1994.


Instead of allowing a brand like Escudo to be lost to time, A & C Petersen purchased the rights to the original recipe in 1997 and continued to make the tobacco. A & C Petersen wound up not selling the line in the United States starting in 2000, but it would still be sold elsewhere in the world.


This changed after the brand's 2004 move to the Scandinavian Tobacco Group when United States pipe smokers would be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of the Escudo tobacco again in 2006.


We offer you the chance to taste the unique character of the Escudo brand. The Navy De Luxe is a blend of full bodied Virginia tobacco mixed with a Virginia and Perique combination. This tobacco mixture is then pressed and matured. After it finishes the maturation process, the tobacco is spun and cut into coins, which is how you see the tobacco after opening the tin.


This cut gives you the ability to appreciate the various flavors of the Virginias and the subtle spiciness of the Perique without being overpowered by any one tobacco.

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    Escudo Navy De Luxe Pipe Tobacco

    The Escudo Navy De Luxe is one of the most popular Va/Per pipe tobaccos in the world. This excellent coin cut tobacco has been exciting and stimulating pipe smokers for years. This blend is made up of highly graded Virginia tobaccos as well as authentic...

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