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Five Brothers Pipe Tobacco

Five Brothers Pipe tobacco is a brand that has maintained a cult following for a long time.


Established in 1866, John, Benjamin, Frederick, Rudolph, and Nicholas Finzer worked together to form Five Brothers Tobacco Works in Louisville, Kentucky. Immigrants from Switzerland, the brothers learned about tobacco as they grew up and worked in the Louisville area.


Through their years of training, the brothers decided to go into business together, starting with a small factory that produced a limited supply. That supply was very well received, which forced them to grow their small operation into a much larger one.


The brothers suffered a major catastrophe in 1880 when their warehouse caught fire and was burned to the ground. Records from the time estimate their loss at $200,000, which is valued at over $5 million today.


The fire and losses didn't stop the brothers, though. They were able to keep working and rebuild the factory only two years later.


More records indicate Five Brothers would see extraordinary growth after the fire. By 1887, over five million pounds of tobacco products would be produced annually, with more than 400 employees working at the factory.


The Five Brothers brand would go on to work with American Tobacco Company, a monopolistic corporation that was broken up by the Supreme Court in 1911. Later, the rights to the tobacco were purchased by the Pinkerton Tobacco Company, and later by Swedish Match in 1985.


Finally, in 2010, the Scandinavian Tobacco Group would acquire the rights to the Five Brothers Tobacco name, and they moved production to Denmark, where it is still being made to this day.


The Five Brothers tobacco you see here is a shag cut Burley blend. You will find no top-flavors and minimal casing. If you like a strong tobacco in your smoking pipe, the Five Brothers tobacco is one for you.

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    Five Brothers Pipe Tobacco Pouch

    Brand: Five Brothers Model: Five Brothers Tobacco Type: Burley Cut: Shag Blend Type: Burley Strength: 5 of 5 Taste: Full Room Note: Tolerable Flavoring: None Amount: 1.25 oz. Country: Denmark

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