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H. Upmann Cigars is a trailblazer in the cigar industry. Founded in 1844 by August and Hermann Upmann, H. Upmann is widely recognized as one of the most storied and dedicated makers in the world.


Hermann Upmann grew up in the world of banking, with his father being a notable banker in Germany. Upmann convinced his father to establish a branch in Cuba, settling on a location in Havana. In 1840 H. Upmann & Co. opened their Havana branch, and four years later, they would go on to create the cigar company thanks to Hermann's passion for the rolled tobacco.


One of the benefits of being known as a trailblazer is the trends you set. Practices and standards that get followed because you started them. This is something H. Upmann did when they began shipping cigars in cedar boxes. Interestingly, they created this practice before the cigar company started. It was initially done to send cigars back to Germany and the rest of Europe, given to prized clients and used for marketing.


So why did H. Upmann go with cedar boxes? These boxes were an improvement on the earlier shipping practices, which caused a number of problems with the cigars stored inside them. Most notably, the old packaging sometimes caused the cigars to dry out, dulling the flavor and making them burn too hot. The cedarwood was better suited at keeping the cigars fresh, as well as helping their maturation process. This meant the cigars would taste even better than before, giving the boxes a huge advantage over other shipping practices.


Hand rolled in the Dominican Republic with a Nicaraguan binder and a delicious Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper, the H. Upmann Reserve offers a delicious glimpse into the innovations and craft of one of the oldest cigar companies still in business today.

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  • H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Cigar- Churchill -

    H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Cigar- Churchill

    Brand: H. Upmann Model: 1844 Reserve Origin: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Ecuadorian Cubano Ring Gauge: 50 Length: 7.00 in. Shape: Churchill Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Select Dominican Strength: 3 of 5 Taste: N/A Flavoring:...

    $8.39 - $188.86
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