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Holger Danske is the name of a mythical Danish warrior. According to various legends, he would fight with, for, and against the legendary king Charlemagne, although history might also know him from his Anglicized name, Ogier the Dane.


Danske's story is mostly told through French legends, involving fights to free Europe and struggles for power.


Holger Danske also makes some appearances in some of the legends of King Arthur, where he would be known as having a romantic connection with the enchantress Morgan le Fay.


His legend spread far and wide, and Holger Danske is so revered by the Danish people that a sculpture in his honor was made in Kronborg Castle, in the town of Helsingor, Denmark.


A popular children's tale in Denmark is that Danske sleeps in the casemates of the castle, resting until the nation is in peril, which will wake him up in defense of the country.


It makes sense, then, that these Danish blends pay homage to the legendary figure.


We carry two different blends of Holger Danske tobacco, and either will be something you can enjoy.


First is the Black and Bourbon blend. A mixture of Black Cavendish, Burley, and Virginia tobaccos, this combination has bourbon added to the leaves to add a comfortable taste. This tobacco provides you a pleasant room note, along with a pleasurable taste for a mild tobacco.


The other tobacco is the Mango and Vanilla blend. This is a combination of toasted Virginia and Burley tobaccos, with the titular vanilla and mango flavoring added in to the mix. Practically a dessert on its own, the sweet and savory flavor is a great way to relax after dinner.


So take up Holger Danske tobacco, just like the mythological hero might have if he were around today.

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2 of 2 Items