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The folks at Los Caidos (Spanish for “The Fallen”) are enthusiasts blending more than their flavorful Los Caidos Blue and Red cigars. They mix their passion for cigars with causes dear to them as well. They take pride in their cigars as a vehicle for making a difference for the families of first responders whose lives were lost in the line of duty. 


Los Caidos’ roots were laid in 2012 when Steve Zengel opened Beach House Cigars—a retail shop in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Unfortunately, they were dealt a devastating blow a few short months after opening when Hurricane Sandy utterly wrecked their shop. 


The brick-and-mortar couldn’t be salvaged but the spirit needed no salvaging, and in due time Beach House Cigars re-established itself in the nearby town of Wall, New Jersey. In becoming ingratiated with the community, Zengel came to learn of two local police officers who lost their lives while on the job, and the charities established to support their families. Prompted by a suggestion from a friend and fellow local business owner, Zengel determined that a top down reimagining of his business was in order—a new service, a new name, a new purpose. 


This is how, in 2016,  Beach House Cigars—the retail store—was dismantled, and Los Caidos—the national cigar brand—was established. 


With this regeneration came the development of Los Caidos’ sole and signature blend, a toro cigar respectively packaged as both Los Caidos Blue and Los Caidos Red. 


For each cigar sold, $1 is donated to either a fund helping support the families of police officers or firefighters who have lost their lives—the color designating which fund is donated to. 


Los Caidos’ cigars are made from Aganorsa leaf at the Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A. factory in Nicaragua. They host a sweet, medium strength blend that offers a moderate spice. This washes with Los Caidos’ stated goal of creating a blend with a strength that is pleasing to the unseasoned or occasional smoker, while still offering the kick craved by an everyday smoker. 


Blue or Red? You can’t go wrong treating yourself to fine cigars while supporting a cause you believe in. Or just as well, a great gift to a first responder in your life (or family member thereof) to show your appreciation. 


And if you really can’t choose, lucky for you we carry the 20 count box containing 10 of each.


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