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Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia Aromatic Pipe Tobacco Mixture

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Both in taste and room note, you’ll find an extremely mild cherry and rum flavor present here. Cherry Ambrosia is an affordable Aromatic tobacco from Mac Baren that has been popular with pipe smokers since its introduction to the market in the early 1990s. 

Brand: Mac Baren

Blended By: Mac Baren

Model: Cherry Ambrosia

Tobacco Type: Burley, Cavendish & Virginia

Cut: Rubbed

Blend Type: Aromatic

Strength: 1 of 5

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: Cherry and Rum

Amount: 3.5 oz.

Country: Denmark

Mac Baren
Room Note:

11 Reviews

  • 5
    Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia Aromatic Pipe Tobacco Mixture

    Posted by LINDA AK THOMPSON on 3rd Apr 2024

    Excellent product + packaging in the tin!!! Well done

  • 5
    Pipe tobacco

    Posted by stephan on 23rd Aug 2023

    Cherry Ambrosia is wonderful: very smooth and very enjoyable with a great aroma.

  • 5
    Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia

    Posted by Gregory Curless on 19th Jun 2023

    Well I have been on the hunt for a nice strong cherry flavored aromatic. I love MB’s Vanilla Flake, so I thought I would try their Ambrosia line. This tin can in a perfect moisture level and a tad on the dry side. Loaded the pipe right from the tin. Bang! Cherry smack to the mouth! Very sweet and strong Cherry flavor. I was impressed. Smoked cool and no tongue bite. Flavor lasted the whole way down the smoke. I thought I had found my new favorite cherry aromatic, but I think I smoked so much of it, my brain kicked my palette to the curb. Unfortunately I lost taste one evening half way into a bowl. I was really bummed out. Switched over to English for about a week and then came back to see if I could pick up the CA and have the flavor experience I first had.. unfortunately that didn’t happen. I could taste it, but not nearly as intense and pleasurable as the first time. I don’t know if it’s me (I tend to think), or if it’s the tobacco. I have read other reviews where others say they have no taste of the sweet cherries at all or are minimal at best. I’ll have to take a longer break and come back to this blend in a few months to see if there is any change. Hopefully it’s my brain and that I just overloaded my taste center! I would recommend trying it, just don’t go ballistic with it, I would say!

  • 4
    I really like it

    Posted by Ron on 10th May 2023

    It's my new go to

  • 4
    Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia

    Posted by DANIEL GARDNER on 12th Mar 2022

    I love this flavor. Goes great in the pipe. Smells amazing.

  • 3

    Posted by Chris on 20th Dec 2020

    As a new piper I was expecting more from my first real tin of aromatic tobacco. It required considerably less drying time than my other locally bought blends. There was a good initial flavor that quickly evaporated followed by occasionally good hints throughout the rest of the bowl, but not the smoking experience aromatics seem to be hyped up to be. Still, I would but it again.

  • 3
    So so

    Posted by Daniel on 24th Oct 2020

    Smell subtitle, but don't taste really cherry, don't taste cherry. Not the best I tried as cherry tobacco. Won't buy again.

  • 4
    Mac Baren cherry ambrosia

    Posted by Gary Fruchey on 31st Dec 2018

    Very mellow and easy on the pallet. Has a nice appealing aroma and stays lit with consistent tamping.

  • 4
    Great aroma

    Posted by James C on 27th Oct 2018

    Great cherry blend with a very pleasant aroma. Cherry flavor is there But I will say it’s a bit fainter than I would like it to be. Other than that it’s well priced and a smooth smoke.