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Mac Baren St. Bruno Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco

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Brand: Mac Baren

Blended By: Mac Baren

Model: St. Bruno Ready Rubbed

Tobacco Type: Dark Fired Kentucky, Virginia

Cut: Ready Rubbed 

Blend Type: Aromatic

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Full

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: Fruit, Citrus

Country: Denmark 


  • 50 g. / 1.75 oz.
Mac Baren
Dark Fired Kentucky
Ready Rubbed
Room Note:

11 Reviews

  • 5
    Excellent smooth tobacco.

    Posted by Kevin on 17th Feb 2024

    This is an excellent blend. I highly recommend

  • 4
    Mc Baron St. Bruno ready rubbed

    Posted by Dave on 19th May 2023

    Just discovered this baccy. Smoke mostly English blends.nice flavour vacation.

  • 5
    A perennial favorite.

    Posted by William Ast on 16th Mar 2022

    It doesn't get any better than St. Bruno.

  • 5
    St. Best I ever smoked

    Posted by Jeffrey Boothe on 14th Feb 2022

    Two first for me. My first dark fired kentucky and my first fake tobacco. This it the best tobacco ever. Smokes cool and no tongue bite at all. Was a bit moist right out of the pouch but was no liquid in the bowl when done. The taste is that of a very well rounded, and balanced aged tobacco, I got some tang and fruit and at 1/2 bowl chocolate came out. I really like g. L. Pease haddos delight but this has become my #1 favorite. I will buy again and again. This tobacco is what pipe smoking is about. As for flake reddy rubbed, a bowl lasted me almost a hour, smokes so slow and so good. Flake last a lot longer than any ribbon cut i have smoked. Thanks again to for the extremely fast service. You guys are awesome.

  • 5
    Very Good

    Posted by Robert Mink on 7th Aug 2021

    If you like dark fired Kentucky this blend is a must try. The topping, at least for me, is very mild. In my top five, I recommend this blend.

  • 5
    Must try

    Posted by Robert Mink on 26th Jun 2021

    This is one of the best blends on the market IMHO.

  • 5

    Posted by Brian on 30th Sep 2020

    I enjoy the Flake version more, but this ready rub is amazing as well.

  • 3
    Fine but not exceptional

    Posted by Jean Duchesne (Paris) on 5th Mar 2020

    I had a pleasant recollections of St. Bruno flakes (decades ago, I must confess) as something robust. This ready rubbed tasted somewhat tame, though not unpleasant at all.

  • 4
    Why pay more for the same great tobacco?

    Posted by Smokebacca on 24th Jan 2020

    St. Bruno Flake has been around for decades and is often included on must-try Virginia lists. You may have even seen one of the old TV commercials on YouTube, they're quite funny. Or, maybe you've heard that St. Bruno was the patron saint of pipe smokers, though I could not verify that one. What we have here is a Ready Rubbed version of that famous Virginia and dark fired Kentucky Flake where the Virginias seem aged to perfection. It is very Virginia forward, with the Kentucky in a supporting role and carries a somewhat sweet flora aroma in the pouch. Deep red to brown in color, this is not a bright Virginia of grassy notes, but rather a rich and tangy flavor comparable to ketchup or BBQ sauce. That's not to say St. Bruno tastes like either, but it has that same sweet and spicy combination with an obvious vinegar aroma. In my opinion, the uniqueness of St. Bruno's flavor comes from their use of vinegar as a preservative. This does nothing to harm the Virginia though, in fact, it's all the better for it. It helps cut the bite of the Kentucky and mellow the overall flavor into an always cool tasting smoke. I've actually tried to smoke this as hot as I could and never came close to tongue bite. So, how does it compare to St. Bruno Flake? As near as I can tell, this is identical to buying St. Bruno Flake and rubbing it out yourself for a lot less money. The Flake version often costs half again as much as the Ready Rubbed pouch where the work's been done for you. The pouch actually works well to keep the tobacco fresh too, maybe even better than the square-style Flake tin. The tobacco comes moist but smoke-able, but I let mine air-dry one or two full days just for ease of lighting and keeping it lit. This tobacco can hold it's moisture for a lot longer, so don't be afraid of it drying out quickly. Both versions of St. Bruno age superbly. The sugars in the Virginias combine with the vinegar easily making this sweet enough to smoke anytime of day or even as a palate cleanser between smokes. With a little age it smokes much sweeter too, like you'd expect from quality Virginia. Whether you've had St. Bruno Flake and wished it didn't cost so much or you're just looking to try a unique old Virginia tobacco without the hassle of prepping flakes, St. Bruno Ready Rubbed could be just what you're looking for. Enjoy.