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Chris Morgan's tobacco pipes are known for their creativity. While holding traditional shapes, his ideas for what to make are incredibly diverse. One of these novel ideas is his Arbutus line.


Arbutus is a small tree that grows in the Mediterranean region. You will find it growing in Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, quite literally ringing around the Mediterranean Sea. It is known by many as the strawberry tree, but its fruit is not very closely related to the traditional strawberry that you know.


The strawberry tree is closely related to another shrub that is very important to pipe smokers, Erica Arborea. The tree heath, as it is known, is the source of briar root wood, which is what is used to make the smoking pipes we love.


Thanks to the similarities, Morgan was able to have pipes created using the strawberry tree wood. He had the pipes sandblasted and coated in a black stain, giving them a great texture and appearance. Using a deep, dark brown acrylic stem, this is a tobacco pipe that is worth collecting.


Getting a tobacco pipe made out of a material other than the "big three" of corn cob, meerschaum, and briar is always something to show off and enjoy. Having something made out of strawberry tree wood is definitely a smoking pipe that is one to enjoy. It is even better when they look as great as Morgan Pipes does, something worthy of a pipe rotation.

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