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The name Paladin comes from the French legend of 12 knights loyal to Charlemagne. These knights were fierce, strong, protective, and steadfast in their cause. They would help their king in battles, which turned into mythical epic poems dedicated to the deeds of great men.


The idea of a paladin has spread to the modern day. Paladins are still known in fiction, knights in shining armor standing for what is right and just. There are real world paladins, too, defined as "a leading champion for a cause." 


So when you open up some Paladin Pipe Tobacco, you know you are getting a tobacco made to stand for something. Paladin tobacco is a one blend brand made in the United States by Lane Limited. The aromatic Black Cherry tobacco offers you a taste of what cherry flavored tobacco could be at a price you can't beat.


We offer Paladin's Black Cherry in two different sizes, the 1.5 ounce pouch and the 12 ounce can. If you are unsure about it or are new to the idea of cherry aromatic tobaccos, you should try the 1.5 ounce pouch first. At an affordable price, it is the perfect amount to test the waters of cherry aromatics to ensure you enjoy the flavor, room note, and experience so smoking this style of tobacco. The 12 ounces held in the can will be there for after you discover how much you enjoy this blend.


As for what is in the blend, Paladin Pipe Tobacco's Black Cherry comes as a combination of Burley and Virginia tobaccos. This, along with the cherry flavoring mentioned above, provides you with a comfortable, cherry scented, and flavored smoking experience that should have you coming back for more. Experience cherry tobacco as it should be with Paladin Pipe Tobacco's Black Cherry.

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  • Paladin Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco Paladin Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco 1.5 Oz Loose Tobacco Paladin Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco 1.5 Oz Pouch Paladin Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco - 7 oz.

    Paladin Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco

    Brand: Paladin Model: Black Cherry Tobacco Type: Burley, Virginia Cut: Ribbon Blend Type: Aromatic Strength: 2 of 5 Taste: Medium Room Note: Pleasant Flavoring: Cherry Amount: 1.5 oz. Pouch 7 oz. Can Country: US

    $5.31 - $22.11
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