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Perdomo Cigars was awarded Best Brand of Nicaragua by Cigar Journal in 2018, and it is easy to see and taste why!


Perdomo is a family company. It was founded in 1992 when Nick Perdomo Jr. created Nick's Cigar Company with his father. Nick Jr. was an air traffic controller at Miami International Airport, and for the first year or so, was making cigars in his garage. With his hustle, he sold almost 10,000 cigars in the company's first year, an impressive figure for any business.


Soon enough, the company was able to expand, and they constructed a facility in Hialeah, Florida. After another couple of successful years, Perdomo was able to open up a Nicaraguan factory, getting the tobacco from the source and making their cigars even better. The factory was in the tobacco hotbed of Esteli, Nicaragua, and they use a combination of old school traditional styles with new-age technology to cultivate their tobacco crops and produce some of the best cigars possible.


An All-American company, both the present and future look bright for Perdomo. Comfortably and ably led by Nick Jr., he is confident that his son, Nick III, will be ready to take the helm in time, with enough training. Nick III was born in 1992, not long after the business, so he has quite literally grown up with the company. When the time comes, he will no doubt be ready to take charge.


Among their exceptional offerings, Perdomo's Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne uses a technique of aging their wrappers in bourbon barrels. Composed of a Cuban-seed Nicaraguan blend, and with bold flavor notes like coffee and cream, the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne is a luxury cigar that lives up to its name. Overseen by the Perdomo family from Miami and Nicaragua, Perdomo Cigars sets the standard for a fantastic smoking experience.