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Peterson Ebony Spigot 107 Tobacco Pipe Fishtail

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Brand: Peterson

Model: Ebony Spigot

Style: 107

Shape: Billiard

Length: 6.15 in. / 156.23 mm.

Height: 1.97 in. / 50.27 mm. 

Weight: 2.0 oz. / 56 g. 

Bowl Depth: 1.45 in. / 36.91 mm. 

Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.60 in. / 40.79 mm. 

Bowl Inside Diameter: 0.83 in. / 21.26 mm. 

Filter: None

Finish: Smooth

Bowl Material: Briar

Stem Material: Acrylic

Package: Box

Country of Origin: Ireland

Bit: Fishtail

Band: Sterling Silver


*Pipe measurements are approximate
**Pipe pictures are not of actual pipe you may receive.

Ebony Spigot
6.01-7 in.
1.51-2.0 in.
Bowl Depth:
1.25-1.5 in.
Bowl Inside Diameter:
.81-.85 in.
Filter Size:
Bowl Material:
Stem Material:
One of a Kind:

2 Reviews

  • 4
    update review

    Posted by bob on 16th Mar 2021

    I find I left out some information I should have put in. As I can not edit my prior post I will try again. The 107 has now had a few bowls to settle in and start to show how it will smoke with good results. The pre-carbon layer flaking was very minor and at the very top of the rim which usually gets a "lava" build up instead of a crusty carbon layer. The actual "hot" zones inside the bowl were well protected. The pipe is breaking in very fast. I use SPC potlatch as a break in tobacco, slow cool burn that stays lit to the bottom of the bowl. The silver work is nice, standard peterson. They really stand out against the ebony..very posh. Why spigots? As a daily smoker i use pipes in ways most occasional smokers never do. I push them hard, rain, snow, subzero temps, summer heat, wind. all conditions have unique needs but one style of pipe stands out. Spigots and army mounts are tough. Tenon style pipes are durable but spigot are easier to use. They help with moisture, easy cleaning, compact when taken apart. So for my needs this is a perfect system. I hope that explains my preference!. I feel my new 107 is a wonderful pipe. Having many years owning pipes behind me, it is easy to see how a pipe will shape up and this one is a real winner. Peterson knows how to make a great smoking pipe and the attention to detail gives this good looking pipe a proper foundation. has proven to be quick, accurate, and has earned my trust with excellent service. I look forward to my next purchase. Thank you!

  • 4
    Elegant pipe

    Posted by bob on 13th Mar 2021

    This new ebony 107 is my third Peterson. An older xl13 Kinsale from a restoration shop and a Newgrange x105 purchased from tobaccopipes and now this 107. Tobaccopipes sent my order quickly and well packed against damage. This 107 does have a bit of an issue with varnish inside the bowl which caused the pre carbon layer to peel away at the edges. Having broken in a few pipes i knew what to do and after a good scrub the flakes were gone and ready to load. With care and slow smoking to avoid any problems until a carbon layer has started there is no real issue but I know some folks have had different opinions on the topic. The pipes is very attractive, fits my hand and offers a large bowl. Being a spigot makes it my second perfect pipe! It has a perfect open draw and my first bowl was great. The large size makes for a satisfying smoke. I like the spigot style in a pipe and both of my Petersons fit my collection very well indeed. If you are wanting a great pipe this is one i would encourage any pipe smoker to own.