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Punch Cigars are one of the most recognized and regarded Cuban legacy brands in the world. Founded in 1840, they are the third oldest Cuban brand in history and the second oldest to be still in production today. Created by Don Manuel López, he named the brand after the "Punch and Judy" puppet shows that were highly popular at the time.


Punch was very successful, staying as a singular brand for 90 years. Its trademark was purchased by another company in 1930, and that company took over for another 29 years until the Castro regime nationalized the Cuban cigar industry after the 1959 revolution.


After the revolution, the new company's chief, Fernando Palicio, fled Cuba for the United States. In 1964, Palicio sold the rights to his brands to the Villazon family, who used Honduran tobacco to supplement the Cuban leaf in their Tampa, Florida, factory to produce American-made Punch cigars. After the US embargo on Cuban products, it became too expensive to make them in the Tampa facilities, so they moved production to Honduras.


Despite all the changes to the cigar, Punch still retains its full-bodied profile, with a rich taste and wonderful aroma that you expect from excellent cigars. Its legacy as a powerful cigar means you will always know what to expect when you enjoy a Punch cigar.


They have retained their popularity, especially with notable celebrities. Famous smokers such as Lawrence Taylor, Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Frasier have been known to smoke a Punch cigar from time to time, and it is something we believe you will enjoy too.


Punch features Cuban seed tobacco grown in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras. With beautiful, classic aesthetics, expert hand rolled construction, and a flavor you won't soon forget, Punch Cigars offer a genuinely exceptional smoking experience befitting of its legacy.

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  • Punch Elite EMS Cigar - Parejo

    Punch Elite EMS Cigar - Parejo

    Brand: Punch Model: Elite EMS Origin: Honduras Wrapper: Sumatra Ring Gauge: 45 Length: 5.25 in. Shape: Parejo Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf  Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua Strength: 3 of 5 Taste: N/A Flavoring:...

    $4.09 - $79.80
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