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Random Tobacco Tin

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We have an ever growing box of tobacco tins that are dented, crushed, missing labels, opened, missing caps, etc. We can't smoke it all ourselves so we decided to create a listing that allows you to add a random tin to your order at a great price. If you are feeling lucky give it a try and we will include a completely random tin with your order. 

If you order more than one tin, you may get tins that are all the same. 

Brand: Random

Tobacco Type: Random

Cut: Random

Blend Type: Random

Strength: Random

Taste: Random

Room Note: Random

Flavoring: Random

Country: Random

Size: Random

8 Reviews

  • 2
    Gambled and lost..

    Posted by Paul on 30th Aug 2022

    I guess sometimes you roll snake eyes. .. I ended up with a can of Borkum Riff that had been opened. I don't mind Borkum Riff from time to time, but this stuff was so dry that it was turning into dust. To the trash bin it went. C'est la vie!

  • 3
    Random tobacco tin

    Posted by Dave M. on 26th May 2022

    Of the five tins ordered, one was a blend I wanted. Two of the tins were Captain Black (Original and Gold) and three were Gawith blends. A decent value, overall, but nothing special.

  • 5
    Random Tin

    Posted by Verified Customer on 8th Apr 2022

    I was looking forward to seeing what tobacco I’d receive. Upon arrival I saw there was clearly damage to the tin; however, the tobacco inside and the inner packaging was intact. I have to say that the tin I got was a tobacco that I’d never purposely buy myself; some reviews I read of it made me want to wait until I became a “veteran” pipe smoker, since it was supposed to be a strong flavor and a decent nic hit. Well, when I loaded it up, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to handle it quite well! The taste was definitely pronounced but I liked it, and the nic hit wasn’t bad for me. And now, I’d go so far as to say this tin may be one of my top 5. If it were not for the Random Tin offering, I probably would’ve never chosen the brand that TP sent until much later in my piping journey. The Random Tin offering is something that I will continue to participate in. Sure the tin may be damaged in some way, but the discount is worth it, and the fact that you have no idea what you’re getting gives you an opportunity to try things outside of your usual boundaries (possibly…again, it IS random so they may send something you already have lol). I’m glad I took the gamble and will continue to do so when available.

  • 5

    Posted by Greg on 15th Feb 2022

    95% quality.

  • 5

    Posted by B P on 11th May 2021

    I hesitate to let anyone who doesn't already know, in on the deal - as that could mean there won't be any readily available for me next time. But if you're feeling adventurous, ask for a random tin. I've gotten high-quality options to taste, for an excellent price. Sssh, don't tell anyone else.

  • 5

    Posted by Brian J. on 20th Feb 2021

    I have ordered the random tin twice now, and have been impressed both times. I think the surprise of a random tin to try is most appealing. The tobacco itself has been high quality, but as stated the tin is damaged.

  • 5

    Posted by brad W on 14th Feb 2021

    I have purchased these random tins/tubs of tobacco several times since getting very lucky the first time. I didn't know what to expect at first but was pleasantly surprised and try to throw a few of these whenever i place an order with TP. Most of the tins i have received were not heavily dented, some has small dings, while others were either a loose seal or scratched label, but most have been of decent quality. I like that TP offers these discount random tins since most online retailers DO NOT do this and think this is a teriffic way to try a blend you might not otherwise order, plus TP can recuperate something rather than waiting and sending back to the vendor. As much as i did not want to write this review and keep this hidden gem to myself, the pipe smoking community is a good group of people and i want TP to know this service is greatly appreciated and do not want to see this option disappear. Highly recommend rolling the dice with these random tins, you might be surprised like i have been.

  • 5
    Very happy

    Posted by Lee Adkins on 6th Feb 2021

    I took a chance and ordered two tin's with my main order. Just because I like surprises. Boy was I ever! I did receive two different brands. Far beyond what I expected. I will add two 'random tin's with future orders as long as they offer it. Even if they don't match up to this one. To me its worth it. And I get ro try something I might not normally try or order. No I won't say what the tin's were. I don't want to build expectations. But I'm very satisfied with the selection I received.