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Since founding Regius Cigars in 2010, Akhil Kapacee has built a dynamic range of one-of-a-kind blends. Occupying the delicate balance between unique and traditional, Regius Cigars are sure to satiate any palate. 


Kapacee was a young man in his mid-20’s when he left his career as an investment banker to enter the cigar business. Coming from the business world, his intuition for gaps in the market would be instrumental in the meticulous pursuit for a blend that he knew British cigar smokers were missing, even if they didn’t know it yet. 


Noting that the Cuban cigars of London were expensive and marred by quality control problems, Kapacee resolved to affordably bring the Cuban profile to the British market. He would find just the partnership to realize this blend in famed cigar manufacturer Nestor Plasencia’s Nicaragua factory. 


“I wanted something that I would smoke regularly and that was consistent,” says Kapacee. “I wanted something that stood out. I wanted a cigar that tasted Cuban, in that profile.” 


Kapacee bagan working with Plasencia’s master blender to bring his specific vision to life. 


Despite no formal background in blending, Kapacee was hands-on in the process, knowing very well the flavor that he was after, and trusting that the expert artisans could get it done. After some trial-and-error, they cracked the code with Regius of London, or more commonly, Black Label. 


Full bodied to the nub, this Nicaraguan puro is a rich, woody journey that’s bold but doesn’t overwhelm. With a sleek black label over an immaculate tawny brown wrapper leaf, the look is as refined as the flavor. 


Next, Kapacee brought the same clarity for direction to the US market. Defined by the absence of Cuban cigars, the flavorful ranges of the US palate proposed a significant challenge for Kapacee—but one he took on with the same attention to detail as with the Black Label. 


As the name suggests, the Exclusivo USA series was developed just for the US cigar enthusiast, 


“I still wanted flavor progression and a clean finish, but with the strength of Nicaraguan tobacco,” says Kapacee. “I call them my fusion blends. Red, White and Blue labels are my tribute to America.”


Since the Exclusivo USA, Regius has released three more blends addressing a wider palate—including the Regius Sun-Grown, a full strength cigar for the experienced smoker. 


Whatever your taste, there’s a Regius Cigar that’s sure to satisfy. 


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24 of 36 Items