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Sean Reum’s pipe making journey began over a decade ago when he began smoking a pipe. He had an interest in restoring vintage straight razors, and after a friend in the community piqued his interest in pipes, Reum was all in. 


Reum almost immediately took to making his own pipes. His background in restoration set him up with some of the tools to get started and has been crafting fantastic pipes ever since. In addition to his pipe making, Reum feeds the tobacco pipe hobby with Beyond the Pipe, the podcast he co-hosts with another great artisan pipe maker, Chris Morgan of Morgan Pipes. 


Reum’s designs take influence from the Danish masters, but he certainly gives each pipe a personal touch that shows his individuality as an artist. Whether in the stylish color combinations—often featuring vibrant or brindle stems—or bringing the grain to life with stunning sandblasts, Reum pipes are spectacular works you can appreciate for their aesthetic as much as smoking quality.


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