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Saint Luis Rey Cigars are a robust, full-bodied Cuban-legacy brand. 


The first cigars were created by British importers. Their popularity quickly rose as the information about a new, exciting, and flavorful cigars. The popularity grew rapidly enough that famous smokers of the era picked up some of them, most notably Frank Sinatra.


The origins of this brand's name are cloaked in mystery. One speculation is that it came from a Thornton Wilder play, "The Bridge of San Luis Rey." Another is that the brand was named after the town where the cigars were originally rolled, San Luis in the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba. 


As with most of the Cuban made cigars, the Cuban Revolution caused significant problems. After Castro's regime took over in 1959, many cigar makers fled the country, leaving behind the companies they grew and loved to escape. Many of these makers created new cigars under the old name, some using tobacco seeds they smuggled out of Cuba, others using the tobacco native to their new homes.


Now hand rolled in Honduras; Saint Luis Rey cigars feature Nicaraguan filler with a delicious Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. While the country has changed, the quality has stayed the same. They still maintain the high standards that they hold themselves to in order to provide you with the best possible smoking experience. Having that experience is a prime reason why the Saint Luis Rey brand of cigars is known to be such a luxury cigar. 


We offer you three different quantity options for the cigars. You can try them out and select one, you can pick up six at a time to hand out as presents or gifts, or you can fill up your humidor with a box of 25, so you can enjoy them whenever you want.


Represented by Altadis USA, Saint Luis Rey cigars offer a luxury smoking experience that's rich in leisure and flavor.

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  • Saint Luis Rey Series G Maduro No. 6 Cigar - Gordo

    Saint Luis Rey Series G Maduro No. 6 Cigar - Gordo

    Brand: Saint Luis Rey Model: Serie G Maduro No. 6 Origin: Honduras Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Ring Gauge: 60 Length: 6.00 in. Shape: Gordo Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf Filler: Nicaragua Strength: 4 of 5 Taste: N/A Flavoring:...

    $7.99 - $181.01
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