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Samuel Gawith Mayor's Collection Chocolate Flake Pipe Tobacco

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**Manufacture Change: Lightly Vacuum Sealed with Plastic Seal On Tin**

If you’re an Aromatic smoker looking to try something with a little Latakia, the Chocolate Flake from Samuel Gawith might be just what you’re looking for. It’s subtle on chocolate flavor, has hints of Latakia and is not over-powering. It’s the perfect transitional blend for those not yet ready for a full-on English. Wet out of the tin, this flake needs a bit of drying out time for the flavor to be at its best and for an easy lightening experience.

Brand: Samuel Gawith

Model: Chocolate Flake

Tobacco Type: Burley, Latakia and Virginia

Cut: Flake

Blend Type: Aromatic 

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: Chocolate


  • 50 g. / 1.75 oz.
  • 8 oz.

Country: United Kingdom

Samuel Gawith
Room Note:

10 Reviews

  • 4
    Gawith Chocolate Flake

    Posted by Bob on 27th Nov 2022

    Needs drying as it is very wet out of the packaging. Once lit, the chocolate presents itself mire as good strong coffee before settling down to the fruity spiciness of the Virginia and latakia components. Very enjoyable in the morning with the first cup of coffee.

  • 5
    SG Mayor’s Collection Chocolate Flake

    Posted by Owen on 24th Apr 2022

    This pipe tobacco has a very pleasant taste & room note, I highly recommend this blend.

  • 5
    A smooth Latakia flake

    Posted by Wes P on 27th Feb 2022

    I understand the “never again” review since that person was likely seeking a chocolate aromatic. If you want lots of chocolate flavor, check out a true aromatic such as Sutliff B30 chocolate mousse. This is more of an English blend, albeit a mild one. The Latakia is unmistakably present, but plenty of sweet Virginia smooths it out. There is really just a hint of chocolate flavor, barely detectable in the tin note, and more noticeable when you let a slow draw rest on the back of the palate for a moment before exhaling. It’s sublime when you notice it. Overall a very pleasant and satisfying smoke.

  • 1
    Never again

    Posted by Daniel on 24th Oct 2020

    Don't smell good, don't smell chocolate at all! Disappointed. Won't never buy again.

  • 4
    Kendal Mayor's Chocolate Flake 250g

    Posted by Bryan Nicely on 31st Jul 2020

    I have only been smoking a pipe for 7 years and have more to learn. That being said I would like to add my view about SG Chocolate Flake. The bulk version arrived at a decent humidity level just right for my smoking preference. I fully rubbed out the flake which had a whiff of chocolate scent. I used a bent Sav. 626 pipe. The char lite gave a distinct Wendy's Chocolate Frosty taste and a cool feeling to the roof of my mouth. The true lite continued the Chocolate taste with a hint of bitter Burley. Halfway down the bowl, the Chocolate Frosty taste morphed into a slightly bitter burnt dark chocolate. The end of the bowl fell flat to just a muddled smoke with a small amount of dottle. I rate SC Chocolate Flake 4 stars because the first 3/4 of the bowl really delivers as advertised. The taste level is Med+ and the nic hit mild. The aftertaste is clean spicy Chocolate and short-lived. Will make a wonderful cold weather smoke. Recommend and will buy more once Samuel Gawith goes back into production.

  • 5
    Absolutely the finest tobacco.

    Posted by Vic on 2nd Jun 2020

    Coco taste that complements this clean tobacco flake taste like one of the discontinued Mexican Cigars I tried years ago but no longer could find.

  • 5
    Absolutely the finest tobacco.

    Posted by Vic on 24th May 2020

    Only the five star reviews you may read actually tell the truth of this tobacco. It has to be dried completely just like with all SG blends. But CF by SG is a staple tobacco, easily an all day smoke, creamy, not overpowering on sweetnotes as i do not like sweet. Some have compared it to drinking chocolate milk, I would say it is that with a pleasant pepper note.

  • 5
    Tastes Like a Chocolate Milkshake

    Posted by Walt on 18th Dec 2018

    I've bought quite a bit of this Virginia based Samuel Gawith: Mayor's Chocolate Flake recently as it is so very very good. Tins & 250 g boxes. In lovely flake form, it's not a goopy aromatic but as others have noted, this Chocolate Flake has a lot more chocolate flavor than GH Bob's Chocolate Flake. It's truly wonderful. A "luxury blend?" Yes. It truly taste's like I'm smoking a chocolate milkshake. Very tasty and satisfying. It is clean and cool burning and leaves a pleasant, fresh aftertaste in the mouth. I don't taste much latakia in this at all, so if there's a lot in it, it's been expertly blended. Its wonderful with morning coffee. I find it's best enjoyed in a large diameter, deep-chambered pipe. On Drying: This blend comes very wet in the tin or box. This might sound heretical but I rub out however much I'll need and then microwave it on a plate for 20--30 seconds. I place it on the table under a ceiling fan while I prepare my pipe. Within a couple minutes, it is dry enough to enjoy. Drying this tobacco does not affect its flavor at all that I can tell.

  • 4
    Chocolate Milk Shake In A Tin

    Posted by Walter Puciata on 5th Dec 2018

    With my favorite morning smoke, Gawith, Hoggarth & Co Brown Flake (Unscented) out of stock everywhere I am glad TobaccoPipes had this blend for it has filled the nitch nicely. Needs a lot of drying for it comes pretty damp, and loses no flavor by drying. There is no Lakeland scent on the tobacco and one really can taste the chocolate. The latakia is a background player; hardly noticeable. Leaves a nice clean aftertaste in the mouth and a great room note.