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Savinelli Tre 606 KS Tobacco Pipe - Rustic

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The Tre collection was added to Savinelli's repertoire in 2016. This series is different from other Savinelli pipes, for it does not use a balsa wood filter. Instead a 3mm tenon (hence the Italian name "Tre") fits into the mortise. This filter free smoker has already become a favorite of many pipe smokers. We suggest using this pipe as a high grade travel and work pipe.


Brand: Savinelli

Model: Tre

Style: 606 KS

Shape: Bent Billiard

Length: 5.91 in. / 150.20 mm.

Height: 2.00 in. / 50.79 mm. 

Weight: 1.8 oz. / 50 g. 

Bowl Depth: 1.78 in. / 45.10 mm. 

Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.54 in. / 39.13 mm. 

Bowl Inside Diameter: 0.80 in. / 20.21 mm. 

Filter: None - 3mm Drilled Tenon

Finish: Rustic

Bowl Material: Briar

Stem Material: Acrylic

Package: Box

Country: Italy

Convertible: No

Band: Nickel


*Pipe measurements are approximate

**Pipe pictures are not of actual pipe you may receive.

Bent Billiard
5.51-6.0 in.
1.51-2.0 in.
1.51-2 oz.
Bowl Depth:
1.76-2.0 in.
Bowl Inside Diameter:
.76-.80 in.
Filter Size:
Bowl Material:
Stem Material:
One of a Kind:

2 Reviews

  • 3
    Savinelli Revisited

    Posted by Curmudgeon on 21st Oct 2022

    It has been a very, VERY, long time since I've purchased a Savinelli pipe. But since this is a shape and size I have long wanted and at a price point that would not wreak havoc on my account (and would not have my wife rolling her eyes and shaking her head) I decided to give it a try. And have found that it has good points as well as not so good. First the good. My flabber was utterly gasted when I found that, for a machine-made pipe, the quality was quite good. It passed a pipe stem cleaner with no problems whatsoever; something I have found to be problematic in mass market pipes (such as Peterson's which, in my opinion, are some of the sloppiest pipes made despite their wonderful shapes). The rustication on this pipe was quite good and the proportions and shape straight off an English shape chart. Now for the bad (and the reason for just 3 stars). My chief complaint about Savinelli pipes from years back was the long and unpleasant break in period required before the pipe would be pleasant to smoke. While I have only smoked one bowl in this pipe, it would seem that Savinelli has not made much headway in that regard. It was really tuff going (and, no, it wasn't the tobacco!). I have found some pipes, even cheaper machine-made ones, that didn't share this affliction. I can only surmise that this is due to the quality of briar that Savinelli uses and/or how it is cured, but I don't know this for a fact. I can only say that NONE of the higher-grade pipes I own (as well as cheaper ones) have had this problem. And in fairness, this issue will eventually remedy itself. But it's really rough going to get to that point. On a personal note, I have noticed that, like many European pipe manufactures, Savinelli is going more and more to filtered pipes. Yes, they have been making them for many, many years. But they are trending more to that type. I can only guess that is because of the European market which is evidently stronger than the one in the US. But also, I suspect that filtered pipes are easier to product and less care need be taken in drilling the pipe. All I can say is, to the best of my knowledge, no artisan making hand carved pipes offers filtered ones. So, what's the bottom line? Savinelli will never, ever replace my love for my Nothern Briars, Ashtons or the rare James Upshall's that I have in my collection (I can't afford Dunhill's). But I may try them again at some point.

  • 5
    Great smoking pipe

    Posted by Jeebs on 25th Oct 2018

    Absolutely love the Tre 606 KS without the filter, the pipe is a great smoker and has a very good feel in the hand. Highly recommend this pipe you will love as I do! Thanks, Tobacco pipes