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Stanwell Pipe Tobacco

Stanwell Pipe Tobacco continues the Danish tradition of excellence with a line of fine quality tobaccos. Supported by the great history of Stanwell, these pipe tobacco blends are an excellent addition to your pipe smoking lineup. Manufactured by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the Stanwell blends are smooth, rich, and bursting with unique flavors.


As the Scandinavian Tobacco Group even says, these blends are "modern approaches to traditional mixtures."


We offer you two options under the Stanwell Pipe Tobacco brand's name.


First is the Stanwell Vanilla pipe tobacco. This is a complex yet subtle combination, featuring Danish Dark Cavendish, Burley, and Virginia tobaccos that feature the titular vanilla flavoring. With a pleasant room note, you will also pick up the sweet notes of fruits that pair perfectly with the savory vanilla flavor.


The other blend is the Stanwell Melange pipe tobacco. This tobacco is a combination of Black Cavendish, toasted Burley, Orientals, and bright Virginia tobaccos. These are mixed with a fruity flavoring, with creates the sweet, mellow flavor and aroma that you will be able to appreciate all day long.


Both of these tobaccos will be great options to smoke and enjoy any time of the day, from being a sweet treat in the morning as you wake up or instead as a pleasant and comfortable dessert after a long day.


The experience and knowledge that the Scandinavian Tobacco Group has is key to providing you with the pleasant smoke that you receive whenever you choose a Stanwell Pipe Tobacco. We highly recommend you try these out, as you should be able to appreciate and enjoy everything about this brand and these blends.

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  • Stanwell Vanilla Pipe Tobacco Stanwell Vanilla Pipe Tobacco Tin Stanwell Vanilla Pipe Tobacco Loose Tobacco

    Stanwell Vanilla Pipe Tobacco

    Brand: Stanwell Tobacco Model: Vanilla Tobacco Type: Burley, Cavendish, Oriental, Virginia Cut: Loose Cut Blend Type: Aromatic Strength: 2 of 5 Taste: Mild Room Note: Pleasant Flavoring: Vanilla Amount: 50 g. / 2 oz. Country: US

  • Stanwell Melange Pipe Tobacco Stanwell Melange Pipe Tobacco Tin Stanwell Melange Pipe Tobacco Loose Tobacco

    Stanwell Melange Pipe Tobacco

    Stanwell Melange Pipe Tobacco, mellow, soothing, rich, with a pleasing aroma and delicate taste. The flavors added to the toasted Burleys, Black Cavendish, Orientals, and Virginias is a smooth vanilla and ripe apricots. The ribbon cut tobaccos pack...

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