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Velvet tobacco is an old school, All-American tobacco blend. Made in the United States, Velvet is a combination of sun ripened Kentucky Burley. With it is a combination of flavorings, including alcohol and liquor, among others.


The sun ripened nature of this Burley tobacco allows it to have a more mellow nature, tempered by age and the time it takes to be ready through its process. This is a mixture originally created by the Pinkerton Tobacco Company.


Pinkerton is a name that has come up a couple of times before. They are an American company manufacturing tobacco in Owensboro, Kentucky. The Pinkerton Company was a manufacturer of all types of tobacco at one time. However, they no longer produce pipe tobacco, now focusing on snuff and chewing tobacco.


Their pipe tobacco brands have spread around now, finding new homes wherever they could. Velvet Pipe Tobacco found its way to Lane Limited, an American subsidiary of the Scandinavian Tobacco Group. As they are being made by Lane Limited, Velvet tobacco is still produced in the United States, maintaining the American tradition of the brand.


So when you pack a bow with Velvet Pipe Tobacco, you are getting a smooth and comfortable American made smoking experience, one that will have a pleasant aroma with a sweet, savory flavor you are sure to cherish. Make sure you pick some up today.

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    Velvet Pipe Tobacco

    Brand: Velvet Model: Velvet Tobacco Type: Burley Cut: Ribbon Blend Type: Burley Strength: 2 of 5 Taste: Mild Room Note: Pleasant Flavoring: None Amount:  1.5 oz. Pouch 7 oz. Can Country: US

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