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Smoke the Dr. Grabow Duke With Elegance!

Dr.Grabow Duke is produced alongside all of the other pipes from the Dr. Grabow brand, near the scenic Blue Ridge Mountain range, North Carolina in a little town called Sparta. Dr. Grabow has been manufacturing pipes in Sparta over the past sixty years and by now has established itself as one of the primary pipe manufacturing companies in North America.

Sparta only has a population of around eighteen hundred people, but the amount of Dr. Grabow’s pipes produced in Sparta are little over two hundred thousand pipes per annum, using only the finest grade of Mediterranean briar wood. Dr. Grabow Duke, like all of Dr. Grabow’s smoking pipes go through a stringent processing development before they are ready for shipment and retail. They are manufactured in a way that will let you make optimal use of the high quality tobacco you use to provide you with the perfect smoking experience.

The Dr. Grabow Duke comes in twelve different styles within its product line, like most other Dr. Grabow pipes. Some are available in straight or partial bents, and might have smooth bowls, or carved bowls. It is the best pipe for smoking throughout the day, as it easily slips into producing comfortable smoke that you can enjoy without the bother of breaking in the pipe to a level when it reaches its capability to produce quality smoke.

This is because the Dr. Grabow Duke is a ‘pre-smoked’ pipe, a feature present in all of Dr. Grabow’s pipes. With the feature, the smoking pipe does not need to be broken in, which means it can achieve the level of quality smoke which is desired by the smoker from the very first smoke, rather than having to wait for a certain period of time to reach the desired level of comfort that one expects from their smoking pipe when they use it.

The Dr. Grabow Duke comes with six millimeter filters to provide you with clean smoke, and is 5 5/8 inches in length. The Dr. Grabow Duke is 1 5/8 inch tall, with its outside diameter being one and a quarter inch, and its bowl’s inside diameter being a total of three quarter inches. The depth of the bowl is measured to be one and a half inches in its entirety.

The Dr. Grabow Duke is available in a deep ebony color, which adds a touch of sophistication and class to the pipe, making it both a good smoker, and a very attractive item to collect!