Dr Grabow Pipes


Dr Grabow Pipes

Dr. Grabow pipes are the quintessential American brand. Made with care in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, this 60-year-old line of inexpensive tobacco pipes is a favorite among new pipe smokers for its consistency and good taste.

Made in America since the 1930’s, Dr. Grabow tobacco pipes were named after “the good doctor” to help polish the smudged image of smoking a pipe to newly tobacco-leery American public. The line of pipes bearing Dr. Grabow’s name have become one of the best known pipe brands in North America. Read more about the history of Dr. Grabow pipes.

All Dr. Grabow pipes come in both smooth and textured styles to complement your taste. Each pipe from Dr Grabow uses a Dr Grabow 6 mm filter so don’t forget to add these to your order!

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