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Ardor pipes come in over 350 shapes, and each one is carved by the father and son team of Dorelio, Damiano, and Dimitri Rovera. When you choose a tobacco pipe from Ardor, you’re purchasing a small piece of a four-generation, multi-million-hour history of pipe carving excellence.

The Ardor Urano pipes have a cosmic look and feel to them. Fittingly then, these styles of Ardor tobacco pipes share the name of the seventh planet from the Sun and the Greek God of the Sky.


The Urano pipes are all rusticated, looking like celestial objects, and fashioned beautifully as such. When you select an Ardor Urano, you are getting a one-of-a-kind pipe that looks and feels like it would be one of the great moons of the planet. The black finish helps the natural color of the briar poke through in interesting designs, causing the pipes to have a rockier appearance than a typically rustic smoking pipe.


These tobacco pipes are certainly worth your attention, and you would be well served to take the time to enjoy the excellent craftsmanship and designs of the Ardor Urano lines.

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