Ardor Pipes

Ardor Pipes

If you are looking for a modern tobacco pipe that still pays homage to pipe smoking’s history, an Ardor pipe is a superior choice. See the large selection below to find your handcrafted masterpiece!

In 1974, the father and son team of Angelo and Dorelio Rovera created the Ardor tobacco pipes brand to provide quality products to pipe smoking enthusiasts.. Although the company’s roots can be traced to the early 1900’s, it wasn’t until this rebranding—which is a combination of their initials—that a medium quality product was transformed into the lovingly handcrafted Italian brand that pipe smokers the world over know today. Learn more about the Ardor History.

Ardor makes some of the best hand-carved tobacco pipes in an affordable price range. Ardor tobacco pipes are known for their careful design and the acrylic stems introduced by Dorelio’s son, Damiano. Dorelio and Damiano have their talented hands in every phase of an Ardor pipe’s production, from design of the pipe to selection of the briar block used to carve it.  


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