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Ardor Pipes

Are you looking for a modern tobacco pipe that still pays homage to pipe smoking’s history? If so, you can’t go wrong with an Ardor pipe. These pipes are the superior choice when it comes to modern smoking pipes with a classic feel. See the large selection below to find your handcrafted masterpiece!


Founded in 1911 by the four Rovera brothers, this Italian family began their work of making beautifully crafted smoking pipes from the briar they were able to find around their country. The brothers craftsmanship was recognized but it really wasn’t until the late 1950s for the company to start taking off.


Under the direction of the son of one of the four brothers, Angelo, the company was able to begin gaining some traction. Once Angelo was joined by his son Dorelio they came together to rebrand the company into the name we recognize today, Ardor. This name came from the combination of their initials, Ar for Angelo Rovera and dor for Dorelio. With those two men at the helm, this Italian brand soon became known as an excellent smoking pipe manufacturer, with expert artisans making exquisite pipes.


Sadly, Angelo passed away in 1999. Dorelio took the help as the master craftsman, and was joined by his son Damiano. This fourth generation of Roveras added a new zest to the pipes, and the Ardor pipes have been in good hands since. 


Ardor makes some of the best hand-carved tobacco pipes in an affordable price range. Ardor tobacco pipes are known for their careful design and the acrylic stems introduced by Damiano. Dorelio and Damiano have their talented hands in every phase of an Ardor pipe’s production, from design of the pipe to selection of the briar block used to carve it. You can learn more about the Ardor History here.


Each new generation adds something to the Ardor brand. With the addition of fifth generation Dimitri, the future looks bright for the Italian smoking pipe industry.

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