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Barling pipes were among the most celebrated of the classic brands that eternalized the excellence of British craftsmanship in the earliest years of briar pipe making and well into the 20th century. 


Started in 1812 by Benjamin Barling, the Barling Co. began as jewelers in Central London. However, it’s clear that from early on they had a particular reputation for their silversmith work in tobacco products such as cigar cutters and match strikers. Somewhere along the way this niche took center stage, and they were among the earliest artisans bringing the briar pipe to the masses when it rose to prominence in the mid-19th century. 


The craftsman of Barling pipes stood out even in this golden age of tobacco pipe luminaries. At a time when most companies were ordering their bowls pre-turned from Saint Claude, France, in 1906 Barling began importing unturned briarwood and taking their craft in-house.


The brand has a long history of greatness, but new Barling pipes have been sparse in the last few decades. However, we’re now seeing new lines from the legendary brand that harken back to the beauty of classic, elegant pipe design. 


The Trafalgar and Marylebone deliver these classic shapes with refined, humble flourishes that pay homage to the Barling family's origins as celebrated silversmiths. 


Check out our selection of Barling pipes and see what this new chapter in a great legacy is all about.