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2023 Holiday Shopping - Pipes, Tobaccos, & Cigars Fit for the Festive Season

2023 Holiday Shopping - Pipes, Tobaccos, & Cigars Fit for the Festive Season

8th Dec 2023

With the holidays just around the corner, we’ve come to the stretch of the year where the deals are everywhere and the seasonal traditions are thriving. Whether with limited releases or year round offerings, you or the smoker in your life may like to lean into the season with some pipestobaccos, or premium cigars that mark the occasion. 


There's something sweet and personal about a pipe that one can associate with a special time of year or the person who gifted it. Whether shopping for another or yourself, there are some great tobacco pipes decking the holiday season this year.

Peterson Christmas Pipe 2023

Peterson Christmas 2023 tobacco pipes

This year’s Peterson Christmas Pipe takes inspiration from some of the Irish pipe manufacturer’s earliest designs. A charming sterling silver band is paired with the attractive dark red, sandblast finish reminiscent of the Peterson pipes from the turn of the century. Peterson’s 2023 Christmas Pipe is available in numerous popular shapes, each fitted with a classic fishtail stem.

Savinelli Saint Nicholas

Savinelli Saint Nicholas 2023 tobacco pipes

Savinelli’s annual Christmas offering is the Saint Nicholas. This year, we see a sandblasted stummel, complete with a dark burgundy finish. An elegant nickel band separates the stummel from a captivating stem that really gives these pipes that Savinelli character. Known for their bold, sometimes quirky approach to stem design, Savinelli's Saint Nicholas 2023 offers a proprietary blue acrylic that is given an icy depth through white acrylic accents. Of course, Saint Nicholas comes in numerous best selling Savinelli shapes, including several King Sized. 

Missouri Meerschaum Holiday Bundles

Missouri Meerschaum Holiday Bundles

You may consider treating yourself to one of Missouri Meerschaum’s Holiday Bundles. Each contains at least one of the company’s infamous corn cob pipes within an assortment of items. A great source for some stocking stuffers.

Pipe Tobaccos

Every season has its associated scents and flavors, especially winter. So, just as we may enjoy some particular meals and pull out the candles or potpourri to usher in the spirit, we may also like to embrace these staples with fine smoking mixtures. Here are some that have graced us this year, blended with festive intent. 

Cornell & Diehl - Corn Cob Pipe (and a Button Nose)

Cornell & Diehl Corn Cob Pipe (and a Button Nose)

A blend that honors one of the most indelible characters known to enjoy a pipe (clenching it at least). It’s become tradition for the South Carolinian blending house to bring us a new, whimsical Aromatic each season. Once again, we are given something jolly to puff, enjoying some of the flavors that season the, well, season. Virginia and Burley leaf offer some tobacco flavor while creamy Black Cavendish wonderfully takes on top flavors of marshmallow and cocoa for a delightful smoke that warms you up (maybe it’s best Frosty just accessorize after all).

Sutliff Cringle Flake 2023

Sutliff Cringle Flake 2023 pipe tobacco

The Sutliff Tobacco Company offers quite a few pipe tobaccos to spread the holiday cheer, but perhaps most appreciated is Cringle Flake. Each year sees whole-leaf flakes with special Red Virginia at the heart of the mixture. After the inaugural Cringle Flake in 2019 (a Straight Virginia), each Cringle Flake has been a VaPer—until now. 

Cringle Flake 2023 sees decade aged Red Virginias mixed with 2003 Perique (the last of this wonderfully matured batch that has graced the series since 2020) and Stoved Katerini. The Stoved Katerini is a new development in the Sutliff arsenal. Introduced with the Pipe Force series, this brainchild of master blender Per Jensen takes the Oriental sub-varietal through the stoving process to bring a mellowness and sweetness to the leaf, though not to the point of negating that flavorful herbal spice, bringing a whole new dimension to the Cringle Flake. 

Sutliff North Pole Peppermint Mocha

Sutliff North Pole Peppermint Mocha pipe tobacco

Although Sutliff has given great attention to the boutique blending side in more recent history, their reputation as leaders in bulk Aromatics blends isn’t all a thing of the past, and there’s no better time than the holiday season to bring out some special flavors. I get the feeling that something about this season has even the Aromatic-reluctant pipe smoker reaching for such blends from time to time. I’m a very occasional Aromatic smoker, but it’s certainly true for me. The bouquet of cocoa, Madagascar vanilla, and mint atop a base of creamy Black Cavendish, nutty dark Burley, and grassy bright Virginia fits just right for the season.

Sutliff Christmas Spice

Sutliff Christmas Spice pipe tobacco

Out of the peppermint coolness and into the warm sweet and spicy ambrosia, it can be Christmas any time of year with Sutliff’s Christmas Spice. We have a classic base of Black Cavendish, Burley, and Virginia carrying the forward top flavors of caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla. The sweetness is smooth and delivered in a creamy smoke from the darkened leaf, while that cinnamon spice brings a unique contrast to the profile. Don’t be surprised if others seem to especially enjoy your company with this mixture alight. No doubt, it’s that winning personality—but, well, the aroma doesn’t hurt.

Holiday Balkan Bundle - Exclusive Tobacco Pack

Seven Balkan favorites, including the infamous Balkan Sobranie—a cornucopia of smoky mixtures for the connoisseur or explorer.

House of Sobranie revolutionized pipe tobacco blending with Balkan Sobranie. Decades on, J. F. Germain & Son continue to produce this legendary tobacco, and blenders continue to craft Sobranie inspired mixtures, spurring a rich English subgenre. Despite the common spark of inspiration, the individuality between Balkan blends attests to the subtlety that goes into the art of tobacco blending.


  1. Balkan Sobranie Mixture
  2. Balkan Sasieni Original Formula 
  3. Peterson Balkan Mixture
  4. Mac Baren HH Balkan Blend
  5. Sutliff Balkan Sobranie 759 Match
  6. Sutliff Balkan Sobranie Original Mixture Match
  7. Sutliff 512 Balkan II 

Cigar Advent Calendars

They might be from 2021 and 2022, but a properly stored cigar is always better with a little age on it. 

However, if you’re looking for a lesser commitment, our cigar gift sets are perfect for sampling a handful of great premium cigars.

Oliva 2022 Premium Cigar Advent Calendar

Oliva 2022 Premium Cigar Advent Calendar

A large, unfolding book lined with 25 perforated doors, behind which sit 25 unique premium cigars from across the Oliva portfolio. Oliva, Cain, Nub, and Cuba Aliados cigars. A flavorful journey right up to the big day.

Tatuaje Holiday 2021 Cigar Advent Calendar

Tatuaje 2021 Cigar Advent Calendar

The Tatuaje 2021 Advent calendar features 15 premium cigars from industry favorites Tatuaje, L’Atelier, and 9 from the popular Monster Series, each measuring at 4 ½ X 46. Sure to fill your December with plenty of amazing smokes.

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