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A Quick Look At Peterson Kenmare Pipes

A Quick Look At Peterson Kenmare Pipes

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 12th Sep 2014

Peterson Kenmare Pipes

Nearly 150 years after Peterson Pipes first dedicated themselves to producing high-quality tobacco pipes, the company is still delivering Irish-made classics we can’t get enough of. Some of the most beloved pipes ever made come from Dublin and the Peterson Kenmare series is a particularly good example as to why.

Characteristics of the Kenmare Series

The Kenmare pipes were released to honor the most popular shapes Peterson pipes produces. Therefore, every other element of the series is kept simple. Kenmare pipes are stained with a brilliant reddish brown stain and are all presented with a smooth finish. They are band-less, allowing the shape to be the star. A golden Peterson “P” is emblazoned on the jet black stem, to remove any doubt as to the series’ maker--not that anyone could doubt. These shapes are time-honored Peterson traditions.

There are many interesting traditions and practices at Peterson of Dublin that you can learn about in our interview with Mark Irwin of Peterson Pipe Notes.

Popular Models

The three most popular shapes, at least as far as we can tell, in the Kenmare series are the 05, 150 and 408. Take a look at a few of the characteristics of each:

Peterson Kinmare Series 150

  • The Peterson Kenmare 05 is by far our favorite example of the series. With fishtail mouthpiece and dramatically 

    bent mouthpiece, the 05 is a thoroughly Irish take on a Calabash. Characterized by a fairly tall bowl that is cinched just above the middle, it reminds us of a high-waisted female silhouette. This is a lightweight pipe, just perfect for holding in hand.

  • At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Kenmare 150. This bulldog is as angular as the 05 is curvaceous, measuring 5.76 inches long and 1.79 inches high. It almost reminds us of a his and her set when you prop these two next to each other on your pipe stand. The Kenmare stain on the 150s tends more towards orange than red, which is appropriate for a much more masculine looking tobacco pipe.
  • Kenmare 408s are meaty Author shaped pipes, with a distinctly Peterson flair. With a slight curve at the stem-to-mouthpiece transition, it’s a large-chambered beauty.

Whether or not you’re a Peterson collector, we think a Kenmare is a must-have. The series is so indicative of how this storied brand interprets the tobacco pipe we can’t imagine a well-rounded collection without one.