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4th Generation Pipes: Celebrating the Stokkebye Legacy

4th Generation Pipes: Celebrating the Stokkebye Legacy

Posted by Chris Hopkins on 22nd Jan 2016

What family name do you most associate with tobacco?

Did you answer Stokkebye?

You’re not alone. Most of us would.

The Stokkebyes have been integral to the tobacco market for well over a century. Odds are pretty good that every tobacco shop in the western world has at least one of their blends in stock.

The current “overseer” of the family business is fourth generation tobacconist and seventh generation Stokkebye, Erik.

As one of the most revered names in the pipe tobacco industry, Erik wanted to honor the family with a line of pipes and premium tobacco by launching 4th Generation Tobacconist. Each pipe and tobacco blend honors a year of special significance in the Stokkebye family.

4th Generation Pipes and Tobacco

To learn more about Erik Stokkebye, the family business, and 4th Generation, visit the history page at 4th Generation Tobacconist.

The Year's SignificancePipe Tobacco BlendTobacco Pipe 
1855This is the year that Erik Peter Stokkebye was born. Erik Peter was the first in the family to enter into the tobacco industry by opening a small retail store.The Erik Peter Blend is a ready rubbed tobacco made from straight Virginia leaf.

A tall half bent brandy with black stem is the shape of choice for 1855.

4th Generation 1855 Tobacco Pipe

1882The Stokkebye tobacco business began in this year, Founder’s Year, on the 27th of September. The company operated out of Odense, Denmark.Founder’s Blend is made up of Oriental, Latakia, and Dark Fired tobacco and carries a medium to full bodied flavor. 

The 1882 pipe is a high brandy, which features a thin shank and eighth bent stem.  

1897This is the year when Erik Paul Stokkebye, the 2nd generation of Stokkebye tobacconists, was born.Erik Paul’s Blend is a broken flake aromatic flavored with a mild vanilla topping.

4th Generation Pipe Tobacco

Even though the 1897 model resembles a pot, the pipe is actually a brandy with a quarter bent stem.

4th Generation 1897 Tobacco Pipe

1931Peter Stokkebye, the famed operator of Peter Stokkebye Tobacco, was born in this year. Peter worked in America for years, but returned to Denmark to advance the family business.

Erik Peter’s Pipe Tobacco is a bright flake made from Burley, Cavendish, and Virginia tobacco and has a medium flavor.

4th Generation 1931 Blend

The chubby brandy with copper colored band is the 1931 model 4th Generation pipe. 

4th Generation 1931 Tobacco Pipe


This is the year the founder of 4th Generation Pipes, Erik Stokkebye, was born. Erik joined the family business in the 1980’s, but returned to America to advance his operations in the early 2000’s.

The Erik Michael’s Blend is a mild to medium ribbon cut aromatic flavored with vanilla.

4th Generation 1957 Pipe Tobacco

The 1957 pipe is a nearly straight stemmed Pot with thick briar walls and an acrylic black stem.  

4th Generation 1957 Pipe


This year is the centennial of the Stokkebye Tobacco Company.

The Centennial Blend is a light aromatic that features a brilliant vanilla and blackberry flavor and note.4th Generation Pipe Tobacco Centennial Blend

The year of 1982 is honored by a purely dublin shaped pipe, but one that has thick chamber walls.

1982 4th Generation Pipe

Each pipe and tobacco blend was handcrafted in the family's home country of Denmark by the best carvers and tobacconists. If you are looking to spruce up your collection, or even buy into the history of the prestigious family, then add one of these spectacular pieces to your shelf.