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Brebbia History

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Brebbia history is tied closely to the more famous Savinelli name. Brebbia pipes started with a partnership betweeny Enea Buzzi and his cousin, Achille Savinelli in 1947. The pipes made by Enea Buzzi were stamped with the well-known Savinelli name until 1953, when the partnership dissolved and Brebbia was born.

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Impact of a small staff of pipe makers

Brebbia pipes are named after the small town where they are made—Brebbia, Italy. The company’s Tobacco pipes are made here by a small and dedicated staff in one of the first hydro-electric power stations built in Italy. All Brebbia pipes were originally imprinted with the initials MPB which stands for “Manufactured Pipe Brebbia.”

The use of hydro-electric power to manufacture tobacco pipes in a consistent and efficient manor, allowed Brebbia to be one of the first smoking pipes to capitalize off of the 1964 report by the U.S. Surgeon General that warned of the hazards cigarette smoking causes. Unwilling to give up tobacco smoking completely, many cigarette smokers simply became pipe smokers.

During its peak, Brebbia made over 350,000 pipes per year. That number has declined substantially since the 1970s. These days, the small staff at Brebbia pipes turns out a still respectable 35,000 tobacco pipes annually.

All of the 14 pipe shapes produced by Brebbia are modified Italian classics. Enea’ Buzzi’s son Luciano currently resides over the company’s production, continuing a sixty year tradition of consistency and excellence.

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